Sunday, October 5, 2008

Taking stuff Seriously.

Hey people! Noticed that we added a new section at the sidebar.

Which is contacts, where we place our email address.

So people do not feel hesitated to send us emails to ask question or giving feedbacks.
We would appreciate that.


Okay, to those who have been talking to me on MSN, please take note that my MSN is crazy, so is my phone. The Issue on MSN is every time I click SEND, it wont send. Instead, this stupid and irritating Error keep popping out ! so I keep copying n pasting but failure attempt.

[click to enlarge]
I keep sending. I think I type too much til MSN gets tired of sending.

The issue I have with my phone is, everytime I call out, or recieve a call, the person who is on the other line cannot hear me, while I can hear him clearly. I think it's the third time this happened. Someone HELP? I think I'll go ask Uncle Eric for help.

Til our next update!

With Love filled with Iritations ;

Pipi :)


~BluEpaNDa~ said...

wheee~~ I'd the same problem yesterday too~~ started to feel that msn sucks

Pipi & Pupu said...

Blue Panda, I feel so happy that everytime we post something, theres always a comment :D
hahahhaa you know, not always people comment our posts. OMGOMGOMG
im encouraging you to comment more XD

Well yea I thnk by restarting computer should be okay. but very mah fan.

~BluEpaNDa~ said...

ahahaha~~ I promised that I'll view often~ unless i was away from my computer for days? aha~