Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome note.

Hey everyone! Out of a sudden Pu just got this great idea of making a blog together. See, we have our own blogs but why not have the-same-blog since we're Twins, right?

So we'll pretty much update here and probably ditch our old blog :D

Well, the header is much about Pork (and pigs) we're not being racist or anything but you see, Pork is GOOOOOOD. And Pigs are cute, in pictures form. Not in the real life one ya'knw okay too much info :D

Okay so do visit here often for updates k!

Pipi :)

[p/s : Do know how to differentiate Pipi and Pupu
alright? Pipi is Elle the Banana girl
and Pupu is the other twin. hehhee the prettier one :D]

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