Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have this annoying friend (Sorry), who happens to always ask me this particular question. "What time are you going to sleep?" So dengan selambanya I'll reply, "Late." Which I always do because I have the habit of sleeping late.

So this fella tend to reply, "mmm, watch porn la." Annoying it is I still reply in a not-so-very-nice-way. I take that as a very stupid statement.

Guys watch porn, so stare at booty-licious hot slutty un-virgin ladies. And one simple question, why would I want to watch PORN? Yeah, why would I want to watch, where I could sit infront of the mirror and stare at my own body? Better yet, I don't need a mirror, I could just take off my bra and stare at my two little sisters. Okay too much info.

But seriously, when guys say girls (as in me) watch porn, I find it stupid for a guy to say that. Okay IF I would want to watch porn, what, I'll be ending up watching gay-porn? It's so sick. It's uber sick. Beyond sicky-ness.

Maybe to guys, I don't know why they watch porn. Maybe they are born like that, or it's just a habit to make them feel less horny. Plus, I'm not that horny, I may be a lil bit perverted, but I do not watch porn.

Only guy watches porn. Maybe a few girls too, but not all. Which girl is that depserate?

So, I hereby say,

Kawan, stop saying I watch porn la, okay? You sendiri watch porn, don't say other people okay? Look at yourself first before saying others.

But I'm not against guys that watch porn. I mean, I understand. I have friends, oh and classmates who watches them, and talk about them, indirectly infront of me, so, whatever lah kan.



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