Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The History of P-Sisters Finale! : The Rise and Fall of Perverted Club.

During that period of time, Pipi, Pupu, Pepe, JH, Dwayne, Dinnish, Dinie, Tamy, *cannot remember ad* we're the active members of PC.

Things went on smoothly. You know, outings, tke talks on msn, chats, laughter and all.

Until one day when things starts to fall apart.

Misunderstandings, unsatisfactions and all happened, that was unabled to be solved. Things we're dragging like that, and people left one by one.

To those who left, or unexpectedly left, or indirectly left,

We never wanted this to happened. We thought those friends we had could stay and last long. But I guess we kept our expectation too high til it just, fell and broke.

We really had fun being friends with them, and we never regret every single bit of the memories we had and shared.

All the misunderstandings and issues or problems that came up during that perios of time, we just take it as life.

Shit happens, and we just have to deal with it.

But some issues gone too far, and we're sick and tired of it.

But whatever it is, we're still Sorry, and we still love you all.

So there it is, the fall of PC.

Mostly is about misunderstandings, issues and problems that were unable to solve.

But we the P sisters, took a short cut way to solve it which is just ignore (kids, don't try this at home.)

Lastly, we the P-Sisters would wanna take the opportunity to give a lil' speech to all Pervert C' members :)

What Pupu has got to say :

Dwayne - u are the group joker! without you would be boring.

Dinie - well, u are fun to chat with, and understanding

Dinnish - no comments

Nessa - u were always there for me and u were like a sister to me. thanks so much for ur company. you should know that I care for you. I'm not judging you. I hope you don't look it that way. Even though, sometimes I'm pissed at you when u are being irresponsible because I want you to care more about stuff instead of being the "Don't know Don't CAre" type. and I know, u have ur moments when u were pissed at me. I totally understand.Because sometimes, I know my attitude can be a lil bit off-limit. I still love u as a good friend/best friend/sister!

What Pipi has got to say :

Hey to all Pervertz! I really miss you guys and It's been a while since I've seen you all. Well thats since the end of school for 2008 lah :) I miss the fun chats til late nite and you guys were the one that stood up for me, backed me up, cheered me up and ya'll were the one that were there when I need u guys. I just wanna say thanks.


Jimi & JH - ya'll are, still the same xD I still love you both bitches HAHAA =P

Dwayne - OMG you sick joker :) You're the one with a lot of craps and the one with a lot of words. Without you, I think PC wouldn't be complete. Because you know why? You're the sickest pervert I've ever met, and Im not joking. That's why you're qualified to be in the PC's and we love youuuu =D

Dinie - Well, we still haven't talk. But hey, you're one of my fav person in PC (well used to lah). You're the one that gave me a lot of advise and semangat membina! hahahah. You always help me in stuffs too. When I need you, or a friend, you're the one that will be there. Goshhh. Well, still same like dwayne, without you, PC wouldn't be complete. No matter what happened, I still appriciate you as a friend, and I will never forget the friendship we had (ehem as friends or good frends lah, used to xD).

Dinnish - Ahhh, this fella. Well I never noticed him ever until one day, during exam, I was on the way to toilet, and I bumped into a very cute boy. And said hi to me, and even said my name. So I found out it was Dinnish. Hah okay. So Dinnish, where to start. You're such a nice person, really really nice person. You've done a lot of great things which make me think that you're such a superb person. Thats when all, what I felt, was crushed. I can never forget (or ven forgive) what you've done to me. I have never met such a mean guy like you, and during that perios of time I even regretted why did I even talked to you at the first place. To think of it, better yet I'm not gonna dwell on it either. It's the past already and I bet you can not remember about it. I ain't saying anything here. But whatever it is, I really really appriciate you as a friend.

Nessa - Gosh, I remembered last time during Ice creamian years, we hated each other. But until some time we stopped right :) I always thought you're a mean, snobbish person. But that was then, and now I think you're a friendly bitch. haha joking. You always have a lot to say, crap and laugh. It's just fun having a friend like you. Hey, noticed that we haven't spoken to each other for quite some time. Goshhh babe where have u gone missing? Vanessa, or Nessa for short, she's short, but in a cute way. With Nessa, we pretty much have a lot of things in common (but still can't beat Pupu =P)

I miss you guys! :)

Love always,

Pipi & Pupu.

[Whatever happens,
Pipi and Pupu moved on with their lives.
No more clubs and big big group of friends.
Everything will just crush into a big disappointment
like how Ice-Creamianz did.
Overall, we did make new friends, close friends.
And we finally knew, things won't last forever

So people, we hope you enjoy our last and final
episode of History of P Sisters.

Check out for new updates,
and stay tuned for new stuff
coming soon!


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