Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I wanna get things straight, our previous post on The History of P Sisters Finale, about the whole mini note thing, out of a sudden became such a big issue.

People kept telling us (me),

Ohmygoood Pipi, why are you still dwelling on them? Why you still want them back? You shouldn't think about them anymore, focus or appriciate the friends you have now.

Okay lemme get this straight.

The History Finale wasn't suppose to have all the dramatic effect whole essay thing. No, it wasn't suppose to be that way. It was suppose to be just telling briefly to everyone, the rise and fall of the Perverts (club). But so I thought, hey, it's the Finale part, why not do something special about it? So yea, we did something a lil' bit different, we added in a mini speech for the ex-members.

I did not mention how I wanted us all ot be friends like last time and all. Honestly, that would be great, but no, I prefer things to stay like this. But I do not mind being friends. I did not say, "oh I'm so sad that they're not my friends, I wish they could come back to me blablabla." No, I did not.

It was just a short speech about them, and to them, for people to read, and to know how I, We, feel. And I am definitely happy with the friends I have now. So who the hell are you to tell me that I should forget those PEOPLE and move on with life, with the friends I have now?

You are not me. You don't know how I feel. Those PEOPLE, were my friends. Were once my best friends, were once the people I trust and were once the people I love (as friends, duh.).
But Like I've said, I didn't say I want them back. I'm just glad that they were once my friends.

Please lah, read properly before saying something k?


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