Sunday, November 30, 2008

I made history ; Drama : Part 2

Will the annoying-classmate be in the same school? Will I get harassed?Will the annoying-classmate be in the same school? Will I get harassed?

The answer is, Yes.

He was in the same school, and same class.

Back when I was in form 1, I got elected as the Assistant Monitor. And those who holds a Position, such as Prefects, Librarians, class monitor or Assistant monitors, it is essential to go to the Leadership Camp held by the School for a few nights. I was forced to go by my class teacher, because the lousy monitor didn't go. May the curse be with you. Just kidding.

When I reached the campsite, it was a very serene area with a beautiful scenery. As soon as I stepped my foot on the wonderful hill, I went to register my name, to get my room and bedsheet. I was the first, along with my three friends. So I got my room, it was quite okay, filled with double decker beds, and lockers. I got the lower bunk bed, right infront of the window. Then I quickly make my bed, and settled down.

Then came along other students who shared the same room as me. I knew who they we're and I honestly didnt like them. Two of the girl's Mother even came down all the way to the camp site. One of the Mums we're Aunty Loser in Part 1. So while I was helping my friend making her bed, interrogatively, I took out my handphone to check for coverage.

So Aunty L came to me and asked, "Are you even allowed to bring cell-phones?"

Annoyedly, I replied, "So what? It's my (friggin) wish to bring it or not."

I knew I was being abrasive, people like her do not deserve to be talked emoliently. and I have to admit, I still kept my hatred and grudges on her, after years harassing me. I mean, as I grow older, to think of what she did to me, it was very immature of her to do that.

So she shooed off, and she went to boss people around, telling them where should they sleep and all. And she goes on telling other girls that, "I do not want the four-Indian-girls to mix aorund with Ellise." Wush! That hit me like a big, yellow school bus. I packed by bags, undo my bed, and ran downstairs to exchange room.

By that time, there we're a few teachers and students who reached the campsite already. So I obstinately told the facilitator that I wanted to change into a new room. They asked me why, and I told them theres a parent who start harassing people in the room, bossing us around and all. The facilitator even said it to me that, "This is what happends when parents taggina long, being busybody." And Aunty L came down too, she even told one of the teacher like this,

"Aiyah teacher, just ignore that Ellise. She's memang like that wan, since primary school also the same."

Then you, since I was in primary school you've been such a....unpleasant person, immature, and big headed!

I was very lucky then, theres a room with extra beds, so I joined them. To my surprise, it was the Ice-creamians. And during that time, gosh, I wasn't close to them yet, so hey I thought, why not I join them, then I can get to know them better, and declare peace with them.

I finally get to exchange my room, away from those people.


So, the whole camp sucked! We we're given very limited time to ourselves, and during the Muslim's praying time or whatsoever, we're not allowed to go to our dorms to rest a bit or something. Very tiring.

After that camp, I suffered from Trauma, and I never wanted to go to any camps ever again.

Stay tune for part 3 !

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