Sunday, November 30, 2008

My outing with the Triple J's and buzzing Zzzzy was very fun, and I ended up coming home late. Very late. Like, 12.30a.m?

I watched Twilight, and it was good that I made Jian gayed over it.Haha joking, well at least the guys enjoyed the movie :)

Well, Twilight movie wasn't like what I expected to be. Never get your expactations too high.

Okay okay, at first I thought the movie will be soo darn good, after a friend told me about the Review, which said that Twiilight...sucked, my expactations was very very low.

After watching it I was like, okay it wasn't that bad at all.

Theres a few flaws lah, like the part when Edward was, erm, well, pissed? During bio class, when he met Bella. Gosh, that part looked so, over reacting, until it looks very akward.


To Jian,

I hope you like your present. Well, thats the best I could think of, and I know, you like it. Don't worry about the part when you nearly lose it. Don't forget to show me how you look like with it k? :)

To Zy,

Gosh, thanks for the muffins, it taste soooo good, next time I want summore HAHAHA gila tak malu. But seriously, it's very nice. So, thanks :D

To Jimi,

Thanks for being late, and thanks for sending me home late (as usual) I don't blame you tho. HAHAHAAHAHA

Too bad Pupu missed out on everything yesterday :(

Pictures u can curi tengok from Jian's blog if he updates about the outing. I can't find any nice picture of me, LOL!

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