Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pipi's post.

Hello everyone! Goshhh, I'm very busy nowadays, and I have so many things to talk about!

Especially my own Drama, I made History.

I needa blog about my day out to Pupu's house,

My Journey to Braces,

Pupu's sleepover in my place,

My outing with Jian, Joon Hong, Ji Mi, and ZzzzzzY!

and I'm going out again later.

Gosh! I'm gonna spend my holidays with outings, outings, and more outings.

Soon, I'm gonna be broke. Darn broke!

Lastly, I'd like to thank Zzzzzzy for making such relishing Muffins!

Oh, Banana muffins, as I demanded for. HAHAHA Joking. (Actually I just told her to bake me a Banana cake, but she baked for me Muffins, and it taste....GODLIKE !)

More on that later.

And Zzzzzzzy, It tastes darn good I feel reluctant to share it with my Mum =(

And Jian, I hope you like your present :)


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