Thursday, November 27, 2008

I made history ; Drama : Part 1.

Hello everyone. I am now sitting here, sipping my Istant Campbells Mushroom, errr, Soup? Okay it taste very good, especially with a piece of bread, dipped in together, it taste Godlike!

Hello and Good Night. Back when I was in Primary 1, I have a fat and stumpy classmate, f****** annoying, and hallelujah, he is still one now :D. I never liked him then, he always accuse me of doing things, and I will get harassed. Okay not sexually harassed. I am still a Virgin okay!

For the first year in my primary one, I was then a weak girl who could not stand up for herself after being harassed multitudinously. I cannot help it, I was only 7 freaking years old. I knew how to lie though, probably good at it then, and still is now *evil smile* but thats not the point of this whole conflict-drama.

Then it was 2002, my second year in the same school. And I tell you that bugger cannot stop bugging me. I was harassed again and again, but this time, I became stronger, and I learnt to fight back. Whenever that *female-woman* say something, I fight back. But noooo, she kept going on and on telling the teacher I was this and that blah blah blah. Even if it was like, 6 years ago? I still remember it. The annoying classmate said that Chinese eat chicken shit. Then I went bezerk and started yelling at him back.
(Thats only one of the story).

Gosh, she wont ever stop. She wont get bored huh harassing the same person, seeing the same person and scolding the same person, ME. I had to pity my class teacher at that time because she had to face the same person, she had to hear the same thing, gosh. So at that time, I wanted to avoid that *Woman* from harassing me, so everytime I see her coming, I hide. Not that I'm scared or anything. I hate seeing her. I hated her, oh wait, I didn't 'hated' her, I still hate her though, she's my biggest enemy in my life, and by that I blame her for everything.

And the annoying-classmate, he keeps on using this line on me, "I tell my Mummy then you know!" Hello, I have a mummy too, and when I was 7 or 8 or 9 or 10, I never asked my Mummy to come to school and harass students! Haha. Okay, so I will go on answering back by saying, "Tell la! I'm not scared also! Who's scared of the big fat ugly lady?!" Okay okay I malarkied. She was big, fat and ugly, but I did not say that. He got balls one you know! He really told his [so called] "Mummy"! Actually, she's not his Mummy loh. It's his auntie. Okay la, we shall call her Aunty ok?

Standard three, I think she finally knew that she's bored of harassing me, and she needs a new poor, innocent student to harass. I'm joking. I don't really remember being harassed by Aunty Loser then.

Standard four, the annoying classmate moved out! Hallelujah! Syukur alhamdullilah! Not just annoying classmate moved out, but a few of close friends moved too, you know who you are. Well, I didn't care! As long as I'm free, I don't have to face Ugly Aunty Loser, gosh, when I jumped for joy, and I got stuck! Pun intended.

So my life was very good, I lived a very good life. After my UPSR, I quickly declared holiday, and was so eager to go to form 1. I just cannot wait. Behind all those excitement and inquisition, I was very, well, apprehensive. Will the annoying-classmate be in the same school? Will I get harassed? What will happen?

My curiousness will be.......................................

Stay tuned for Part II !

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