Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pipi : Tagged

Basic Info
Name : Elle [Pipi]
Age : 14 and 15 in less than 3 months time.

Address : Pork Land
Phone number : 017- 37 8* ***
Horoscope : Aquarius
Zodiac : Bitch. Whoops, I mean Dog.
Hobby : Shopping, eating, sleeping. Checking blogs.

F.Colour : Blue
F.Food : Pork!
F.Beverage : Bubble Tea! hahaha
F.Brand (handphone) : Nokia, for sure.
F.Brand (clothing) : You got that right, Pupu! Zara, Roxy, Nichii, oh i love Nike.
F.Brand (shoe) : Depends what sort of shoe. Converse, Everlast, etc etc
F.Place : KLCC, Pavillion. My home sweet home.

F.Song : Currently listening to David Guetta and Cosmic Gate!
F.Country : .......... my house nearby Ampang Point.
F.Football player : Erm, erm, erm hard one leh! I think Torres? I go for the hot ones!
F.Band : Saya tak tahu, banyak sangat.
F.Channel : 8tv, Starworld, channel E!
F.Cartoon : Spongebob, Fairy Odd Parents
F.Place to hang out : Pupu's swimming pool, my own room.
F.Things of yours : I cannot live without Bras, seriously. Erm, my phone?
F.Teacher : Pn. Lim!
F.Car : Eish, Cars? I don't know.

1) In your school , is there anyone that you hate ?
- Hate? Hmmm, well maybe. But theres usually annoying faces that I .... Loathe.

2) If yes , who is that person ?
- Starts with a *, *, * hmm Okay I think i better not reveal names. Okay la Okay la, I think I will blog about it later. Eish, it's like MDG Drama betul. Ringo blogs about the MDG Finalists, then when she got called back, everyone trets her so cold :( Me leh? I blog about a B* and I got * then when I came back people treat me like im some kind of *

3) What were you doing 1 hour ago ?
- Onlining. I was happily sleeping, suddenly I was awaken by a very shocking phone call. You see, i slept on the sofa, and my phone is on the table. When it rings, it vibrates, when it vibrates, it gives out a loud freakish sound like a.....nevermind. Glad Jian woke me up if not I will be saddeningly sleeping until....tomowow!

4) Did you talk to somebody on the phone today ?
- didn't I just mention earlier LOL

5) Did you went anywhere today ?
- Nope.

6) Will you text anyone later ?
- Eish, M didnt reply mine. Dur.

7) Who you will text with ?
- I only have a few selected few people. But I definitely will not text with Meiji! Hahaha but I will ever willingly chat and webcam with her online. No texts, please :( HAHAHAhAHA

8) Are you hungry ?
- Sort of.

9) What are you doing now ?
-Doing this tag

10) The last song you listened to.
- Hmm, PCD - Stickwitu

11) How often do you go to church?
- I am not a Christian too!

12) Did the last person you held hands with you mean anything to you now?
-Yes, I held Pupu's hand. Because I'm married to her, she's my husband that replies my texts with one word but I type as if I'm typing a blog post.!

13) Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?
- yes

14) Are your toenails painted ?
- Nope

15) Is there a person who is on your mind right now ?
- Hmm, yes. Azri I want my chocos! LOL

16) If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to ?
- Well, friends, obviously. Oh, not to forget, my husband, Pupu, who replies my texts with one word but I type as if I'm typing a blog post.!

17) Have you ever been on a plane ?
- Yes

18) Are you confident ?
- Depends.

19) Have you been to the public toilet ?
- Hahahah, if I havent, then takkan lah if every outing, lets say I go to Pavilion's super clean toilet with hot sexy mirrors, and I needa go wee-wee, takkan lah I rush back home to wee wee, then come back to Pavilion again? What if I have bladder issues?

20) Peoples to tag
I'm tagging back everyone who got Tagged by Pupu.

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