Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pipi : Going down, down and under.

Mini Note : OMG I'd like to thank Haziq and Nabil =) All the best to both of you. You both know what I mean. And thanks for the great laughter during Seni. Godd~ I needed it LOL.
And Pupu, it'sokay I wont ask anyone to translate. Im not desperate to know :)

I was distributing the English Paper 1 results, i was so happy that my friends got high marks. /40 by the way.

And when I saw mine, I was so shocked I could just drop and pass out. OMG.

Im going into a depression mode!!

Mind you bitches People out there,
before you spread a bloody rumor,
saying that this is all just a
'ketagih simpati' post, please.
What are you even doing here.

Incoming text : M
Read : Be mine :))


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