Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pupu: Okay, I feel particularly bad for Pipi.

Yesterday, I updated in mandarin. Just because I do not have the guts to let Pipi know what I feel yesterday.
So instead, I just made up some crap.
Saying that facing jujurians was pain in my butt.
But that's not why I was in a bad mood yesterday.
I dun really care facing the jujurians.
They have their lives
and I have mine.

So, I guess Pipi is still wondering what I wrote on my blog.
Before she asks someone to translate.
by someone.
someone untrustable.

Let's say.


okay, I still don't have the guts to type it out.
because that person who made me pissed can't read mandarin also.
So I dun mind the mandarin post being published
and No. It's not you Pipi.

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