Friday, November 14, 2008

Pupu: Tagged.

1) Who is Cynthia Quah ?
Nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the kitty who created this tagg!!

2) Things people don't know about you .
I dunno O_o

3) Who is the most gorgeous person in your life ?
Female - Angelina Jolie
Male - Gaspard Ulliel!!!!!!! <3<3<3

4) Are you more a daddy or mummy's girl ?

5) What's in store for the future ?
I dun understand this question Cat woman =(

6) Favourite Movie ?
Too many to list down~ So far the best is House Bunny LOL!

7) Best place for a perfect date .
Toilet. JK! Beach?

8) Favourite Song ?
Currently. i'm addicted to Stay and Fly. Both local song.

9) Words to live by ..
No Charger no Life.
No charger = no phone
no phone = no texting, no calling, no camwhoring, no music.

10) Any nicknames ?
Banyak skali lo.

11) You're attracted to guys who ..
Smart, Okay looking, nice smile, kind....etc etc.

12) Beauty or brains ?

13) First kiss ?
Haven't lose it yet.

14) In 10 years time ..
Married. kot. Hopefully. LOL

15) Zodiac year

16) You're afraid of ?
My dad, Ms Lau, Cockroaches, GHOST?, Dark.

17) The favourite thing in your wardrobe ..
My baju. what else?

18) What's passion to you ?
Fashion is Passion

19) How to make this world a better place ?
Erase Jhun Ren.

20) Your phone model
Sony Ericsson z610i

21) Peoples to tag
-Jay Heash
-Pee Jay
-Jee Mee
-Why longe
-Why Mint

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