Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tag by Cynthia.

1) What's your full name ?
Ellise Tan May Lynn

2) How did you feel last night ?
tufckdup. Heheheh

3) Do you believe in eternity ?
Well, depends.

4) Who do you trust the most ?
Well, very close friends. Exhibit A : my Poopoo

5) If you have a dream come true..
Hahhaa depends I will be happy kut

6) Are you in love ?

7) Who ?
Cynthia. cewah I joking oni. She wants to know who am I with (in a relationship) Well, of vourse, pork, and Poopoo

8) What are you doing right now ?
Talking to Poopoo

9) Who do you hate the most ? And what did you called him/her ?
B&*^$%%$&%$ HELLOOOOOO =)

10 ) Chocolate or ice-cream ?

11) Which quote do you like the most ?
Karma is a B1tch, and you will get yours.

12) Do you think you need to get diet ?
Well, maybe kut

13) Why ?
Well i have fat thigh

14) Have you ever hurt people around you ?
I can't say no to that. I only hurt people who hurt or provoke me.

15) If you get a chance to meet your favourite star , what would you say to him/her ?
Well, i don't think I have one. If you would ask me which star, artist, singer actor or actresses, I'll have a hard time thinking.

16) What school you're studying now ?
SMK ** Okay well everyone that reads my blog should know. Plus, to avoid stalkers I shall not mention my school name. Because why? To avoid pathetic people from reading, and spreading our link to the whole school, creating stupid pathetic issues about it.

17) What do you think about that school ?
I personally think it's a racist school but yet it's a good school. Some teachers are lazy, some are hardworking, some couldn't even care less. The students, well we have all kinds of races here, the people sort of sucks, but at the same time I have a few pretty good friends around here.

18) What would you do when you're 18 ?
Like Cynthia, drive around all night :P

19) What's in your mind right now ?

20) What's the color of your walls in your bedroom ?
Blue :)

21) What do you prefer to drink ?
Normal plain water. Oh or maybe mango+orange juice. it tastes gooooooooood babeh

22) To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation ?
Hmm Bali? I wanna go to the beachhhh

23) Your mood right now ?
Tired, bored.

24) Which is your birth month?
25) 10 peoples to tag
1. Mei Ji
2. Nicole
3. Ji Mi
4. Jian
5. Wai Min
6. Ruben
7. Wai Loong
8. Yoganes
9. Joon Hong
10. My mum

26) Who is number 10 ?
My mummy loh

27) What about 5 and 1 ?
Not gonna happen. I'll find Poopoo a better guy for sure

28) Is number 2 in a relationship ?
Hahahah with Pink Coopers

29) Do you hate number 6 ?
Yea because he's so darn annoying but still i sayang him

30) Describe number 3 .
He's a stupid Mum that furgot his own daughters. LOLOLOLOL in the end, he's still the one that will drive us around, make sure we go home safe, and cares about us.

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