Monday, December 22, 2008

Another missing update.


Hello people, I am back. For now. I'm back with updates on our lives, that you people been missing out on.

Recently, not long ago, okay, a month ago, I just got my braces on. Yes yes Wai Min, you can 'TRY' hard not to laugh already. At first I thought, "Whoa! I look that ugly?" But after a while, I think I look okay. You have to go through the pain to be beautiful. HAHAHA.

Anyway, the whole entire time, my twin, Pupu was there, waiting for me for hours. I wanted her to be there, on the day I got it fixed. ceh, actually after I got my braces we wanted to go outing :) But Pu, thank you :D Thanks for being there for me baby, you know I love you. muah muah. hahaha.

So, before I got my braces, I looked like this,

Yes yes, I may look horrible, but just look at the teeth, okay? Haha.

And this is after when I got my braces.

Actually, the process was quite long. And it did not hurt. All i felt was tired of opening my mouth for hours. But in between they let me close my mouth. It was fun, not. Boring lar, but the ending was satisfying.

I can pick nice colors for my brackets. My first color was Dark blue and Blue, alternate colors. But my recent trip to Dr.Patricia, I changed it to light blue, all light blue. Somehow mu current color, I think it looks nicer.

Blue! My fav <3

I furgot where we went, or what we did, so, blah, skip. --------------------------------------------------------------

Then, the Bukit Antarabangsa Tragedy. According to Nuffnang, I have readers from icountries I never heard of. So, let me explain. Bukit Antarabangsa, it is basically a Hill, filled with homes and apartments and condominiums. And theres many people living on the hill.

There was a landslide occurred not long ago, and so far, only 4 bodies have been discovered. This happened on the 6th December, 2008. Obviously, many have lost their homes, belongings, possession, and some even lost their lives, or their loved ones. When I heard about it, I immediately asked Pupu whether she was fine. She was online, and stupidly I asked her is she okay? Well I wasn't thinking about me being stupid or anything.

Then I called my other friends to know whether they're okay or not. Sadly I didn't manage to get to my classmate, Farhan, who is living somewhere, because I do not have his number. Boo hoo.

I urged Pupu to move house. Yes darling, I know you've been living there for 11 ducking years, but it's better if you move. Because I care for you k? You my husband, muah muah. Hahahaha.

And it's easier to go outing with you or sleepovers, because if you move, everything will be solved and it will immedietly end my dilemma. She's living so far, and sometimes it's hard for me to see her. Christy moved to Tiara Ampang, the condominium right opposite from my room. Walking distant, so, she is now considered as my neighbour already :D

:P Anyway, here's the pictures to the landslide. Very tragic. I'm one lucky wife. My husband lives at the Peak of the hill, and lucky theres no sliding-sliding there. (click thumbnails for larger view. )


Before all the landslide happened, Pupu's (biological) Mummy was suppose to go to Shanghai, China. No, it wasn't canceled due to the landslide. I was suppose to go sleepover at her place, just to teman her, since she's alone. And Christy too was suppose to join us. We had plans and all already, but sadly, the landslide happened.

I was quite happy, and let out a happy sigh, not because of the landslide, but because of the landslide, Pupu get to spend a whole entire week with me! Sleepover pulak tu. This must be the longest sleepover she's ever been to, and the longest sleepover in my home, with a friend lah.

Most of the time, we were out, since theres nothing to do in my house other than online and watching TV. Theres a park outside of my house, not outside of my apartment. But I advise myself and her not to go out, because my area now is filled with foreigners. No, not Americans, not Ang Mohs. But Banglas, and African people. I have nothing against them but it's scary. I mean, they, are scary.

(See, I can eat! :P)

On the first day, she came around, I think, 4p.m, and at that time I just finish dye-ing my hair, took (another) shower, blow my hair nicely, and waited for Pupu to come over. Yes yes, I dyed my hair, thats why people, when you go outing with me, you can see my hair looks nicer =P We did pretty much nothing. Sat and talked, and midnight where the fun part began. We started webcamming with friends, and it was fun. Magically, we can do it all night. Until morning. Haha.

Second day, we went out to somewhere I can't remember @_____@ I think we went out with Jian? Okay whateverzzzzx. But the next day then Jian came over to my place, and I was still sleeping! It was, 1p.m? Aiyoh, Jian, I told you to come only when we called you kan, hish, menggatal betul. But it was fun, we camwhored like siao. It was like, a new record.

Pupu and I used to camwhore like mad crazy cows only when we're with Ji Mi, our Mummy, because he's our camera man. Lalala, we Miss you mummy Ji Mi :)

But !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We camwhored about 500 pictures, which is a new record for the three of us, Jian, Pupu and I. Really, WOW, but sadly I havent received the pictures yet, I think. And on the same day, My sister Denise invited Pupu and I to go dinner in Chili's, KLCC. Together with Ji Mi, too bad Joonhong wasn't able to come. SCREW YOU *@($&@&*$^^&!!! Hahhaa Joking. I was like, 'Woahhh, Chili's! It's been a while since I've eaten there, and Pupu haven't got a chance to taste the beyond-Godlikeness of Chili's, yet." So, I decided to drag her along.

(9th December, is an official camwhoring Day :)

And poor poor, I mean, Rich Denise paid for everything, the food I meant. She's holy-jamma-llama-sweet-fat boy eats chocolate Rich! And me, I'm broke, always broke. Thank you Denise.

Since it was still (kinda) early to go home, the guys decided to go and Bowl. But it was sorta late to go bowl, instead we went to watch a Movie. Bolt! It was cute, beyawsome! After that, we went to camwhore at the park, and holy! It was great. Funnnnnn!


Another day of outing huh. Then my auntie from Perak, came down to KL to go shopping. Yay! More and more outing. The first and second day was fun, but the third and fourth was just tiring, and we felt like sleeping.

Guess what we did, we sat in Parkson, KLCC's swimming suit section punya fitting room. Theres a chair in it, and somehow it fits the both of us in it, and people ahrdly ever go to Parkson, so usually it's empty and quiet. Best place to make out in fitting-room. HAHAHA Joking. I did not make out with Pupu. We camwhored :)

Then it was time to leave Selayang, for home. I was sick, so Pupu, sorry for not entertaining you, or not having the mood to entertain. I was really sick after you left. But whatever happends, I had a great time, spending time with you.

It was great! And soon, some day, later, I will go to ur place to sleepover. And make sure u make me your one of a kind Godlike mash potato for me!


After her sleepover here, the hill was safe already. I decided to sit at home for a week and lepas rindu my home. And recently, I've started going outings again. Like today, actually I just got back lah. And I went reading friend's blog, and they kept updating their blogs (kinda) so I thought why not I update this pitiful blog too.

Few more weeks school is gonna re-open. I'm not ready yet! Because, I have tons of outings more with my precious ones! heh. Actually, Im sorta ready already. I've got my uniform, shoes, socks, except a new school bag and a pencil box. Damn, I need it real bad. Except the bag, not really essential, but I saw one today in Pavilion, and Wooooow. It's a must-get-it! My next outings will be tomorrow.

But sadly is canceled due to problems and issues that last minute happen. Adoi.

I will be away to Perak during 24th and 25th. I'm going to my auntie's place for x-mas! Im happy and sad. Im happy because it's been so long since I last went to my auntie's place, and I wanna see her new Clinic, my auntie opens a dental clinic in Sri Manjung, Sitiawan, Perak. Its next to Billion Supermarket. So anybody which is staying nearby, do go to my auntie's Clinic for your checkups! :)

I'll be there for two-days and one night only. And I'm sad because I can't be here during X-mas, well technically I am, but I'll be home about at night. I wish I could stay here and spend time with my friends, But i gotta go claim my present :P

Then then, my next outing is maybe with my precious ones. 31st December, I will be in The Curve, currently the happening place lah kononnya.

I will be there with Jian and his wonderfu Girlfriend, Dila, Pupu, Ji Mi, and addition, Justin and Tun Hong. Do come kay.

And then I wanna spend my last week of holidays with Pupu, eventhough I'm going to see you, but then I will be facing my PMR, so it'll be hard for me to spend time with you. I don't want you to find another wife :(

I'll post about todays' outing some other time. tired lah! I wanna shower n eat, and do my own things. Thank you for wasting time reading :)

[ p/s : Incoming text..........

Incoming text from : Aie

Message : Nak buat macam mana.
Sometimes it doesn't go like how we wanted ryt?
Just deal with it.
What can you do. Come on,
Look at the bright side. There are still good
looking young single man out there for you to be taken ryt? ]

Babe thanks for listening. It happened before. It was too late then. I lost the one, and now, I found the other one. But I'm losing grip. I cannot afford to go through the same thing, again. I might as well move on now than suffering through the hard pain and sore, later. Azri, thank for being such a great teman when I need a friend to talk to. You know sometimes ur so bitchy haha but really, thanks. i selalu carik u when I'm in need. but usually pun i talk to u right. Gosh, I need to let it out.

And Dwayne too, thanks for listening dude! Appreciate it.

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