Sunday, December 28, 2008

Attack from the Banana Girl.

On my recent outings with the usual people, Jian, for lunch or dinner, we will go makan in Gasoline.

And when I told my friends about it, their reaction was, "HUH? GASOLINE?!" with a big jaw drop and confused look. Haha. No no, I don't literally mean Gasoline, but the restaurant/café.

Let me tell you, the atmosphere there is well, okay. Not too bad, not too good. Sg. Wang's outlet is very, well, the wall is filled with doodles and scribblings, added with extra vulgarities, phone numbers, emails, and names of their beaus. Its pretty disturbing, and yet Pupu gained fun scribbling the walls. I'm just following with the flow.

(Pupu insisted)

Theres two section for dining there. The first one is the normal sitting on tables and chairs, very very common. And the other is sitting on floors, Japanese style. Very unique. Something different than normal.

The food, ah, food. I really like their food. They serve western food, rice and noodles. Oh oh, and their appertizers taste good too!

During my first visit there, I went with Jimi Mummy, Jian mummy, Joon Hong and Pupu. One of them ordered Cheese Baked Chicken Chop, so I decided to taste a bit since the name sounds relishing. I took a bite, and WOW! I really must try this restaurant some day.

(took it from Jian's blog)

But too bad, I tried eating something less meaty to avoid pain and food stuck, since I'm wearing braces. I tried their rice, and it taste good too. But not as good as my uncle's restaurant! :)

Eventhough the food is good, the service sucks as hell. And I think even in hell, they have better service. Sarcasm, obviously.

The last trip I went to Gasoline was a few weeks ago, when I went on an outing with my baby Pupu and Justin.

Lets see, their lighting sucks. They keep offing and onning it. They think it's cool and they're having fun? No, it's annoying and definitely not cool. We we're looking through the menu halfway and suddenly the lights went off, and on again 10 seconds later. It cannot be technical problem. Kacau only.

Then next was, we ordered food and drinks, Pupu and I decided to share drinks, since we ordered large, and it was big, and we can save money. We ordered Mango+Orange juice. After a looooooooooong time waiting, the waiter finally came and said they ran out of it. Then okay, we told them to let us look through the menu again.

After that I called the waitress, I told her we, Pupu and I, wanted Jasmine Tea, and it took her a bloody long time too! Justin even finished his meal, and our drink is not even here! So I called the same waitress again, she told us to hold on. We waited, while waiting, we chatted and talked craps. I cannot tahan already, so I decided to call that stupid waitress again, then she told us to hold on, AGAIN, and came back to us, telling us they ran out of Jasmine tea! WTF()*@($@()*$)(! I feel like shouting at them telling them how dumb can they be?!

Next situation, happened to a friend of Pupu, which is sorta my friend too. The same restaurant, my friend ordered Fish Fillet.

The pronounciation for Fillet is not exactly as the word is. It's not pronounced as "Fill-Let". It is pronpunced with a silent T. Like the word 'Chalet'. You don't pronounce it with a T. Silent T!

So when our friend mentioned what he wanted to the waiter, he gave a 'HUH?', and our friend repeated his order, and then again, 'HUH?' So our friend pointed out what he wanted, pointing at the menu, and guess what the worker said, 'Oh! You want Fish FilleT!"

How sucky can his English get? So our friend corrected him by saying, "It's not pronounce as fill-let. It's pronounced with a silent T. Fill-ley."

And the bitchy waitor went to his colleague and talked about my friend, in mandarin, or cantonese. Whatever.

What sort of waitors they employ there? First is the sucky English. It's okay to have a sucky English, they can learn and improve, or learn To improve. But no! They even can asnwer back, and correcting the customer, when the customer is right! And I personally wonder, how to they interview them before getting their jobs.

Lemme give a spontaneus guess.

  1. You must be terror in speaking Any Chinese language. Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, etc etc. English and Bahasa Melayu is not that important.

  2. You must look like a lala, or must be a lala.
Easy as it sounds huh. Okay I have nothing much against Lalas. But they're disturbing for me eye. Whateber. Im not here to talk about them.

Gasoline, if you want to mengup-kan your restaurant, please improve your waitor/waitress's manners and language skills. Doesn't mean that the population of customers are Chinese that have the ability of speaking Chinese, they don't need to pick up English or Bahasa Melayu. I feel so discriminated.

Im a Banana, a pure hardcore banana. I only understand simple Mandarin and a little bit of Hokkien. I cannot speak any of the Chinese language, confirm fail kao kao.

Anyways, to taste their great food, and be treated abrasively, here's their outlets.

LANGAT HILL Gasoline Café
Look Out Point, Ampang-Ulu Langat ,
Selangor • 6012-2234 838

F1, AV. 135-139, 1st Floor,
Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid • 03-5631 5441

G-12, Ground Floor, Block E, The Heritage Village,
Jalan SB Dagang, 43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor D.E. • 603-8941 0339

6F-51, 6th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza,
50250 Kuala Lumpur • 03-5631 5441

KEPONG Gasoline Café
80-82, Jln Metro Perdana Barat 2, Tmn Usahawan,
Kepong, 52100 KL • 03-6259 3166

03-115, 3rd Floor, Berjaya Times Square.
No.1, Jln Imbi, 55100 KL.


p/s : I love Wendy's! Better than McD!
Thank you Pupu! I love you muah muah kiss kiss hug hug.