Saturday, December 27, 2008

Once in a year chance.

Today, I spent the day with my precious and loved ones. Pupu, Christy and Isabell. I had a great time! Awesomeness. Beyond beyond awesomeness. It was sorta like, a girls day out (ok actually it is). This is the moment, the time and the day I should remember. Great times like this only comes probably once a year.

Yes yes, I know, I spent myriad times with my Pupu, but this is soooooooooo different.

I hardly ever have girl-friends. Most of them, they're like the type of comes-and-goes. I can't keep them for long time, unless I've known them for years.

Because because because.

Well, obviously it's about my attitude. My bitchyness. I prefer being friends with guys more than girls. I can't stand bitchy girls too. I mean those real 100% pure bitches. I have some "friends", frenemy to be exact, just because I have manu guy friends rather than girls, those bitchy people will start spreading rumours saying that I'm together with him, or I'm just seeking attention from guys, or I'm just a big fat flirt. Sorry la, but I think I've got too much attention already to the extend I don't need more. HAHA.

Well, we're out from the topic already.

Back to the story

Today, my girlies and I went to Sunway. We went to the Lagoon, and the Scream Park.

The lagoon was so yesterday.

Scream Park. Yes, it was a short-visit, yet very exciting, thrilling and fun!

Before we entered the Scream Park, it wasn't really a park. It was sorta like a room, a big room. Very big room. The guy told us that, the "ghosts" wont touch you if you don't touch them.

Well, it's better that way, I mean the touching touching part. I wouldn't wanna be touched in the wrong place especially in a super dark room!

Lemme tell you, the male-ghosts were friendly. Very. Somehow I think they're funny.

But the female-ghost were bitchy. They looked bitchy too.

Pupu, Isabel and I was freaked out at first, but somehow we got used to the way they scare people. Like popping outta nowhere, and start making weird farny sounds. But it was very thrilling. LOL.

Prison Break was great too. After we found our way out, the "prisoners" even waved goodbye and said "Thank you and have a great day." Wow wow. Ok friendly lah, kan?

Oh yes yes, there was a funny incident that happen. We're somehow, stalking a guy. No no, Christy was. At the Lagoon, there was this guy, we call him white shirt red pants dude, who was seemingly walking alone, looking very lonely, like he just broke up with his girlfriend. And somehow Christy was following him without us noticing it. We thought it was a coincidence that that guy was going to the same place as us. Eventually, we met him again at the Beach. Funny. He walks alone, and while walking, he did some weird hand movement, like dancing? And it made us go L.O.L.


And as usual, it's a tradition for us, to go Sunway Pyramid and eat Strawberry something Milk Ice something, and it tastes real goooooooooood. Beyond-Godlike!

Mind you, this photo was taken a few weeks back.

I had a great time with them. We shall do this again next year ok girls :)

Love, -pipi-

p/s : I think Isabel's Ipood is very sexy lah.

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Pipi & Pupu said...

Edward Cullen in the Scream park! Hopefully next year same ghosts!