Saturday, December 27, 2008

Karma is really a bitch.

(not always, really)

Really, karma is. No wonder our blog title is Karma is a Bitch, and you will get yours.

You know why?

Because I, Elle, Pipi, got mine. Serve you right you stupid bitch, Pipi. Boo you whore, Pipi. Boo. boo and booooo.

Not very long ago, lets say, two years ago, theres a guy who liked me. He actually liked me liked me, to the extend of obsession above all likingness. OMG what turf (Cheesie's word -_- somehow its stuck on my head).

Back to the story, this guy, B, liked me for two turfing years. But I keep rejecting him in a very polite way. And recently, I kept telling him and giving him signs I don't like him. I really don't. He's a good friend, a best friend. But I cannot take him more than a "best friend". It's just weird and awkward.

And eventhough he's a good friend, but still, he's very very annoying. He's like, controlling my freaking life, the friends I'm befriending with, my guy friends, girl friends, everything!

Like, he gets pissed off if i reply his texts 5 minutes late. If I reply him 5 minutes "late", he will start sending a few messages asking me why I did not reply, or whether is it I don't wanna talk to him anymore.

Or another situation when I'm onlining, or msn-ing, I get too carried away with my conversations with my buddies til I furgot to reply his text. He'll start calling me and texting me. Homaigosh. I have a life. lah.

And about my friends, he doesn't like the fact that I have many guy friends, and he start telling me so and so they're highly perverted people, or players, and I should stay away from them when clearly, B doesn't know any of my friends.

How can I not get pissed off sometimes. Actually, most of the times, haha.

So, my precious people told me to pretend I got a boyfriend. A fake, imaginary boyfriend named Sean Tan Jien Whei (Name is simply a spontaneus made-up name, no relation or associate with anobody alive or dead.) So I told B, yes yes indeed, he was sad, very sad. But he managed to move on perfectly. And I found out from his classmate/friend, Min, that he has a new girl already. Congratz B :)

So blah blah, we hardly ever talk now. We do, sometimes.

After that incident, theres this beyond-awesomeness guy that I liked. Liked. Note that. I Liked. LOL.

He was the type that I wanted. Cute, adorable, baik-hati, cewah.

But then I found out that he's taken, and he didn't bloody hell tell me about it, and I have to find it out by myself. Do not ask how I found it out, but, I just did, so, Yay me.

After all the flirts that he flirts on me, he's taken? What the turfing fish of ducks in the baby pool of ducklings in every holy ducking pool?!

Part of me wants to hate him, part of me wants to continue being friends with him.

And another part of me, the bitchy side, tells me to secretly hates the gut out of him, but acts normal in the outside.

Dent told me to just move on and find more better guys, and theres more, better looking, "fishes to fry"

*theres some girls outside who seem to be talking and laughing. Im freaking out, LOL.*

Dent, if you furgot, I got heartbroken twice plus this already in just one year! The first one was rather hard to move on, i was head over heels. But I managed to move on anyways. And now, second time? I cannot afford to go through the same thing again.

And this time, I thought he was perfect. He is, actually.

But nevermind! I'm moving on.

- pipi -

to dwyane ;

seriously dude, u've got issues.

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