Friday, December 26, 2008


I am feeling very tired.



Well, my trip to Seri Manjung, Perak, my Mummy's youngest sister's place. But somehow, I don't really feel happy.


Ok lemme explain bit by bit. I feel like, I've been treated coldly by one of my auntie, which is my Mummy's second youngest sister. I think I know why. Maybe she noticed me treating her daughter, Jasveen, sorta badly too, compare to how I treat Joanne and Leanne (Mummy's youngest sister's daughters. LOL)

I am being very Bias. Very very bias. Well, it's not like I want it to happen. But I cannot tahan, I cannot stand it when Jasveen was super blardy hell rude to me.

I know I know, she's still young, very young. I tried to tolerate, but somehow her rudeness pisses me off every second.

Situation 1,

I was wearing this Madagascar headband which Joanne got from McDonalds. So I went to Denise's bag to look for my bra. Haha okay joking. I was looking for the camera and the charger =\ Suddenly, Jasveen came running towards me and ripped the headband off my head!

I was so damn blardy shocked, I stood up, and told her in a nice and polite yet sorta pissed off way. I told her to give me back, but she ran away and she "hid" it somewhere. It wasn't that hard to find. I found it, and I took it. And she came pulling my top off. No lah, it seems like she's ripping my top off -________- How rude. If she wanted it, I could give it to her, it isn't mine anyway, the headband I mean. But she just ripped it off my head -_-

Situation 2,

It didn't really happened to me. But I just feel like sharing it to the world.

Okay okay, the three girls, Jasveen, Joanne and Leanne was playing with the computer. Jasveen didn't like the fact that Leanne was the youngest, stupidest and she's a bit slow with catching up with them.

Leanne wanted to join them playing computer. And you know what Jasveen did? She snapped Leanne's finger, and she didn't even feel sorry about it. So Leanne was crying so loud, which made me felt so curious to know what happen.

And the best part! Her Daddy wasn't literally scolding her. He was just like, "Eh, why are you so mean? You cannot do like that to her, say sorry." And he said it in a very soft tone. How is he going to educate his own daughter in such a way like that? Gila betul manja okay -_-

I'm not here to insult my own auntie and uncle, but judging them by how they tell off to their kids. I don't want them ending up like me. Rude to their own parents, sister, friends. Cewah. Ok dramatic effect.

Situation 3,

This is errr, not really a big issue, but she was being rude! AGAIN -_____-

Okay, we went to the beach, so after beaching, camwhoring n stuff, I was sitting at the table and I was eating this thingy. Then Jasveen came towards me, and she took the whole bag of the food I was eating, and walked off. Okay, fine enough, then I asked a bit, and she snucked me off with a "Cannot." and her bitchy face!

Damn! So I took revenge. When we went back home, my auntie's place I mean, I ate the last few pieces of the food thingy, and I still have a bunch on my hands. She saw me eating n quickly ran towards me, wanting to rip off the food off my hands. Since she was young, and short, I raised my hand and she tried jumping. But, failure attempt :)

Then she start whining, and with her bitchy face and super manja tone, she said, "I want..... I wantttttttttt.......!!" All I did was just stared at her, and she started crying! Whoaaaaaa. My ultimate look made her cry. LALALALA. But I ended up giving her all, and I start teasing her. Like, "Harrr, cry again la. Cry baby, so big already still wanna cry. Go la, cry la cry summore." And she continue giving me her bitchy look! HAHAHAHA.


Then throughout the days, I treat her unfairly. When I have chocolates or candies, I never bother to offer Jasveen. Because, she never say, "Please" or "Can I have some...." All she did is whine whine whine n with her manja tone saying She want she want. Oh gosh. Die la.

Somehow Leanne and Joanne, they're more polite n they have manners. And I sayang them more than Jasveen, I'm happily saying that.

Okay I admit, I never liked Jasveen that much since she ws very very young. But I don't hate her. I just think she's the least that I like among them. Joanne and Leanne I mean.

So, I think I should stop talking about my family now. Maybe some other time. LOL.


p/s : More on my X-mas trip later.
With pictures too!
It's 3.35am and I'm tired already. LOLOL.

p/p/s : To those I was texting halfway and I did not reply back,
Sorry la babes, I went creditless, lucky I sempat to wished my
precious ones Merry xmas and a happy new year.

p/p/p/s: I wanna say Thank You So Much, TYSM,
to Pupu's Mummy, biological Mummy,
because..... Because... it's for me to know,
and not for you to find out :D

p/p/p/p/s : Ohmygod. so many ppppppps's Okay, Dent! Thanks for you know what. HAHAHA.

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