Monday, December 29, 2008

Do I look that old?

Omigawd. Okay, I hope none of our readers are offended by this post.

I don't get it, why do people think I am the same age as Pupu. Maybe the term we're 'twins' make us look a like, sound a like, and same age?

Well no, I'm a year younger than Pupu, but somehow it's hard for people to believe.
I get it all the time, like, "What?? You don't look fourteen!" or, "What?? I thought you're the same age!" Well, face the fact, we're not.

And recently, I've received multitudinous text messages and IM's saying "Goodluck for your PMR results." Or, "Are you nervous to get your results?" And I will go, "HUH? You don't know my age :("

So, I'm here to tell everyone, I'm a year younger than Pupu, and my PMR is next year!

And not to forget,

Good luck to everyone who's taking their PMR Result.

Goodluck, muah muah, especially to Pupu, Justin, Lara, Yoganes, and Kimberly!
(do inform if I missed out any names)

All the best, hug hug kiss kiss.



[p/s : Pupu's tattoo is very sexy]


Pipi & Pupu said...

it's called. matured. not old LOL

Yoganes A. said...

u missed my name...T.T

Pipi & Pupu said...

Pupu : OLDDD. Your twin is an old hag T_T

Yoganes : Oh right, done!