Monday, December 29, 2008

Pupu: Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you~

pupu here.
First I wanna say thank you to pipi for accompanying me to get my tattoo! ;D

I went surfin the net yesterday,
Most of em say do not get a tattoo before 18 because you will grow taller than the tattoo will stretch.

But Im asian! I can't grow any taller nemore!

So yeah, I got one!
It's a Butterfly, blue butterfly~~

Half way done! So red sia

after 2 hours. I didn't manage to take a pic after it was done. She (my tattoo artist) Apply some sort of cream. and it was bleeding like @______@.

Before , After.

Weeeeeeeeeee, I'm so happy right now.

After the tattoo, We went to Pavillion's Tangs and visited Billy.
Chit-Chat-ed for quite awhile and went to J. Co.


p/s: It freakin cost me 230!

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