Friday, December 5, 2008


To Anonymous Coward, whoops, was that rude? I mean, our infamous reader, Guest.

Hello there, and thank you for stopping by to our lovely blog. Oh! not to forget, thank you for your most lovely comment in our cbox too. Not. <<<< was that being rude?

Let me ask you, what makes you so concern about her drawing? Does her drawing disturbs you? If it does, then why not stop visiting? Read and leave. Not read and leave (rude) comments. And you still have the heart to say, "Friends for three years' ? What sort of shit (aww, is this mean, rude and awful for you too?) is that? You're a SO CALLED friend, but this is how you treat a friend? Oh, what a joke. Imbecilic!

And not to forget, your (so not) lovely comment about me

Guest : i wonder did u other twin fren influence you?? I dunno. All i know is that the friendship between u and me have been ruined. and cannot be healed back


Guest : And to u pipi, u cannot be saved anymore. i meant u attitude!!

My my, why am I not surprised? I am pretty much thankful to have such a (so not) sweet comment from you. I do not influence her. Yes, maybe I do. I influenced her to spend her money on buying clothes that worth the price. I do not influence her to be rude. Who the hell are you to even say that? Let me question you, You're a nobody to say about me, like that. You don't even know me, and by you saying Pupu likes to say bad words to seek for attention, it means your 3-years friendship with her is Bullshit. Oh look! I just said another bad word. Does that mean Mei-Ji influenced me? HAHAHA!

I'm glad your friendship with Mei-Ji is over. Because I would be so sad for her to have a friend like you. Not to forget, I will 'influence' her, i mean, Instigate her, not to be friend with such person like you anyway. Pitiful. I wonder how can Mei-Ji be friend with such person like you, for three years? Poor Mei-Ji. I feel you, girl.

So anyways, if I would influence her, I wouldnt turn her more mean, or, the kind of person who likes to say bad words. Oh wait, for attention? I think you are the one seeking attention here. Nah, you got yours here, Guest. That must be a really weird name for a person.

Moreover, why would Pupu wanna utter bad words just to seek attention? That is really low, and so nonsensical. She does not need the attention. She does not need the spotlight above her. And it seems like you're the one who is the attention-seeker here. What are you trying to prove?

I'm glad you're going off now. We don't need ur (not so) lovely comment here, Guest.


Do not ask us who on earth, wait does he even lives on earth? Is that Guest. We don't even know him/her/shim/he/she/it/shit. And we wouldn't want to know either.

But whatever it is, whoever that GUEST is must be a fucking retard, and a coward.

So much for 3-yeard of friendship.


Pipi & Pupu said...

Thank you pipi xD

--BluEpaNDa-- said...

no thank me??

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous gonna be straight forward to u.....ur a #@&*%.....translation in malay...kamu ni perempuan jalang...more better in malay!

Pipi & Pupu said...

Yoga : how do you know if he/she/it.shit is a female or a male? maybe IT doesn't even have a gender. HAHA