Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I made history ; Drama : Part 4

An Unfortunate 16 Julu, 2007.

The school was having this thingy, some morning excersise. So they called my parents to attend a meeting regarding my 'Abrasive blog posts.' There was a few teachers in the meeting room, and I tell you, as soon as my feet stepped into the room, I felt sort of nervous. What was going to happen? I just thank God that I do not have to face the Lady.

During the meeting, another Issue came up. Another teacher asked me, "Did you mention anything about my son?" Thoughts running through my brain, for the first time, my nerves and impulses really worked. "No." I answered. She then took a few pieces of photocopied paper and distributed to my parents, my sister and I. I read it, i recognize every words, every sentences, ever lines.

What I wrote was, I called that kid a 'S.O.B.' You know it yourself, what does it means. The teacher slammed the paper on the table, screaming towards me, asking me, Why the hell did I wrote such things. She even called me words, like stupid or whatever I can't remember much.

I started breaking down into tears when they quickly jumped into a conclusion that I had to leave school. I never want to leave this school. I mean, It's better if I'd leave, but I wouldn't want to leave my be-awsome friends. I obstinated to the fact that I don't want to leave school. Until my parents have to beg them not to make me leave school. At that point, more tears started flowing out like tap water.

So finally, they decided to suspend me for a week.

Fair enough, a week for traumatizing enough, and I was having my exams the week after my suspension. After I got home, I started going back online, and delete all my posts that has got to do with any of my classmates, or people.

Oh, did I mention? They even thought I was a Lesbian. Because I took an inapropriate photo with my SISTER. So, I'm having a relationship with my Sister? Like, Lesbians? Gosh, I'd definitely find someone better. Not that she's horrible, No. But she's my sister! And I don't think that picture has got anything to do witht he current Issue, right? Nosy people.

During that week, I can't even study. And during that one week, my parents consulted many people.

Skip those boring parts. The school even had a petition letter, to make me leave school! Evil people. But they burned the paper due to circumstances that occured - whoever signed that letter could get fired from their job.

There's no cyber law. But since then, I've learnt something. When bombing people, never mention names. Being suspended for blogging wasn't gonna make me stop blogging.

I wont be surprise if theres any bloody lifeless stalkers, that stalks this blog. And I also did not regret on what I did and wrote about the Lady. I still think she's a UNPLEASANT WOMAN (if you could put it in that way), and she'll forever be one. I will not forgive her for harassing me, neither she can forgive me about what I wrote about her. I'm just glad it's way past over.

And now, I still take risk.

What happened after the Suspension?

Stay tuned for Part 5!

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