Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pupu: After the long hiatus, my blogging time resumeeeeeeeee :D

Okay, people are wondering.
and some people thought I was dead.

Okay, Here I am! xD

Yesterday's outing was, okay I guess,
I thought I would have the most miserable day.
Charmaine was there.
But what the heck, It's Lara's Birthday
So it's better to not make faces right? ;D

Well, Hanna was there! =DD
well, I think I get to know her more o_O
because we kept each other company while Lara's more to her maple friends .
As long as she's happy, then it's good.

What can I say?
Sunway Pyramid has nothing much to do. Yet there's so much to do.
Sunway Lagoon is way better.

We didn't manage to ice-skate.
But we did manage to try out archery!
It was hackin' fun!
Better than Boring-o-Bowling.

They went for bowling too.
As usual, It isn't my thing.
Apparently it isn't Hanna's thing too,
or is it maybe because of some inconsiderate people there?

So we just sat there
and looked at them bowl.

...or not?

Well, We didn't watch them.
More like watching some certain stranger blowing,
They're good. o.o

There's this Fat woman.
She's hackin good! LOL

I couldn't keep my eyes off her bowling skills !_!

After the Sunway-Pyramid-thing.
Lara and I went to iplay (CC)
I have to say,
CC is not my thing anymore.
I used to like going to cc.
probably cause I don't play games nemore.

So I thought it wouldn;t be that bad.
Since i play xdo and WoW.
There's xdo.
I got bored after playin awhile.
Then I wanted to play Wow.
there's no private server WoW! T_T_T_T

Lara was mapling.
as usual LOL.

After this whole CC thing.
We went for dinner at some kind of korean BBQ restaurant.
It wasn't that bad.

I have to say BBQ plaza was better!!
It kinda reminds me of the outing last time.
When I went to 1u with Lara,Felix,Ailyn,Poh Jin,Jean,Melvin, and Jean's sister i supposed.
Yeah it was fun.


When we went back to lara's house.
It was kinda late.
Bubbles tried to hump on my arm. .__.
We stayed up, talking and chit chating in her "store-room"
Until I dozed off.

got up today and went to tash's house.
Well, kinda.
We were standing outside her kitchen .__.
and She's like stuck at home.

We talked for awhile
then my mum came.
I went home.
and slept.
again. HEHE


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