Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Missing updates.

Hello peopleeee. Sorry for the missing updates on our lives. We've been super busy ( Okay actually not really. We're just lazy to blog, since Pupu stayed over in my place for a week, it felt like a month, haha but I had tremendous fun, really.

And we've been out for the whole week. Karma karma. I went out a lot, and after Pupu went back home, then I was down with a fever. Sad! But I'm okay already :)

  1. Christmas is coming, and I.. well, okay lets not talk about that issue.
    Anyhow, I'm very excited to receive my present! I chose it but my Aunt paid for it. I "sort of" bought myself a Nike tennis Skirt. I don't play tennis but I find Nike's tennis skirt very, nice. Plus I've been eyeing on that skirt for quite sometime

  2. I cannot wait to go back to school.
    I don't know why, I feel like I'm missing school. I havent been seeing my classmates. Okay, i see a few of them everyday, online :D And i'll be going back to school a whole different person next year. I guess im turning more wild. Maybe a little. I go out early, and come back SUPER EARLY too. I dyed my hair, oh wait, i hope theres no stalking teachers around HAHAHA.

  3. I recently got my braces.
    Okay I don't know whats with people and my braces. Some of my friends don't even support me. Eventhough it looks ugly or what but can't you people just say something to make me feel happy? Instead my friends go like, "You look weird. I need time to get used to it." Get used to what, my weirdness? And then, one even said, "I'll try hard not to laugh. I THINK i will not laugh." Okay then I might want to laugh at the size of your balls. Dookhead. And the only person who's been trying to make me feel good is my Mum. And she kept asking me, "So what did your friends say about you having braces?" So much for friends.

  4. X-MAS presents to give away
    I really need to think hard on it. Eventhough its still "EARLY TO PLAN", but I need to plan who am I suppose to give presents to. My first plan was to give presents only to my precious ones. But now, to think of it, I only give to those who are giving me. I don't want to end up wasting my money buying it, and wasting my time thinking what to buy, but ended up that person doesn't appreciate it. See, I need to think real hard.

  5. X-MAS Issue.
    Reguarding the issue, sorry to those that I've hurt in the conversation. I was hurt too. The conversation was suppose to be planning on the damn gathering. But no, others was talking about ice-creams, bukit jalil crap, and going to Ikea and play with pillows? Or was it something like that but it doesn't matter because nobody was taking me seriously. And I've repeated a few times, be serious, be serious. But heck, i was ignored. Yes I was angry, and someone said it was still too early to plan. Fine enough, it was too early to plan, but can't you people tell me earlier? Rather than wasting my blardy time in that conversation hoping that someone would notice my Be Serious? And then, I went offline a while, and when i came back, you people plan something, good enough, you came up with something but didnt tell me and expect me to know? And i asked how come I did not know and you people could question me back, "Who ask you to go offline?" Yeah, at that point I became infuriated. How can I not go offline? I was really angry because nobody understood me at that point. It doesn't matter now. Whatever plan you people come up with, count me out. Or if you people want me to go, then you make the whole damn plan by yourselves then only you tell me, alright? Unless you don't want me to go, either way, it's fine with me.

  6. Wearing pinafore next year.
    I'm afraid I will look funny. Oh god, help me.

Okay currently thats what happening in my life now.
I'm really tired emotionally. I need humor.
Okay I'm gonna go youtube now.

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