Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pupu: Thank you and goodbye <== Cheh, dramatic btul!

Pupu is here to say thank you to the people whom called me and smsed me yesterday!
I'm okay people!
The Landslide didn't affect my area but it was quite near.
So for safety precaution My mum wouldn't let me stay home-alone.
Booo===> Steamboat, swimming etc etc canceled D:

And no! I'm not following my mum to China or Australia -_-
Some of you think that I'm in Aussie -_-.


But on the bright side!
I'll be staying with Pipi for a week!
How cool is that?!
Cun huh?
So, We'll take it like this is a 7 days and 6 nights of sleepover!

Please pray that this hill will be okay
and hope they will improve on stabilizing this hill!
I love my HOME!!!!
I dun wanna shift D:
There's swimming pool.
Nice garden.
Full KL view.
High Up.
Cool breeze.

-Pupu :)

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