Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pupu: PMR Results.

I've just got my result.

Maybe to many of u its not good.
You all expect 5 A's. 6A's 7A's 8A's =_=
I'm not that kind of person okay. I'm not a nerd nor a genius.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my results.
I mean, It's good enough to get me into science class.

so, here we go~!
I've only got 3 A's.
English,Maths and Science.

I flunked History. -.- Screw that subject.

So yeah, I'm having a dilemma whether to go Science 1 which is pure science or Science 2 which is sub science.

My mum encouraged me to go Science 2 at first, but now she said it's better to be in pure science.


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