Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When a Stranger Calls.

Exactly 11.53p.m, I was about to iron my uniform before I sleep,

*beeep beeeep* *beeep beeep*
Incoming call : 017-968****

Who on earth is this? Pick up? or ignore?............. Ah pick up only lah.

him / me

Hey Michelle ( I mistaken Michelle as Elle[[me]]), where you now? Im infront of *idk what he mumbled but I think it was something about Rome or whatsoever)
(So, obviously I thought he was asking where am I) Errrrrr, home? Who is this?
Huh? Where you now??
(ok I kinda forget what I said but...) I think u got the wrong number.
Oh! Sorry, so, what is your name?
(omg, shit. I dont wanna go through the same thing) Errr, I think I'm not suppose to give out personal information to strangers.
Ohhhh, ouch! So, do you know any Michelle?
(Wait, do i? Oh yes, Michelle Lim) Yeah, I do. But I don't think you know her.
Okay, well sorry for.....(something something I cannot hear)
Haha, it's okay, bye.

So, I was about to sleep when the Stranger started texting me! What the turf?? This has never happen before! anyway, he was

saying how sorry he was or something like that. So, I felt bad, I mean, he texted back? So I said lah, Its okay, accidents happen.

And he/shim/it replied,

"Ow..ok. an accdnt? I prefer coincdence. U do sound lyk a prsn wrth hangin out wif. wudn't hurt to call u by ur name rite? Mind giving?:-)"

What turf? But anyway I didn't reply because I was lazy to think of what to reply, so I just dozed off.

This morning when I really2 read the text, it sounded familiar. I mean the way the he/shim/it types!!

*beeep beeep* *beep beep*
Incoming call : Stranger.

OMG SHIT. Aiyah, ignore. People busy typing malas lah.

So anyways, I decided to investigate a lil bit. So, I asked Dwayne and MJ what they think about it, and DUH. Pupu got the same thinking as I do. fo shizzle!

Well, I don't know? Let's just see what happens next.


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