Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Kan Wai Min.

Muka concentrated siottt.

8 tahun we kenal.We know many things bout each other, in and out, good and the bad. Since primary 1, in SK 1 Kuala Ampang.

Tired after visiting Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.

I remember how in std two, I always bully you. pinch you here and there, until you finally complain, saying that how life was so much better with Kohila sitting beside you, because she was so quiet and all.

Rajeshi's Ahem ceremony :) Good times, good times.

Now, you're lucky I'm sitting infront of you, and entertaining you with my crazy abnormal laughters. No, I am lucky :)

Somewhere near the road. LMAO. We're sooo retarded.

You've helped me in many ways, besides letting me copy your homework, you've helped me and made me realize things and make me think better, in so many ways. In other words, you inspire me bebehhh.

Watchmen, GSC Pavilion.

A lot of my secrets I tell you. Errrr wait, then it's not a secret kan. So, many things which is meant to be kept personal, banyak i share with you. 8 years dude, how I can not trust you kan?

Ok don't ask what happened to the picture. I was messing around with some stuff then I tersave and closed the window and I didnt save the original copy T_T

A lot of ups and downs we've been through together. Many good and bad times, but I have to say, most of them are the good times, kan?

Grocery shopping. He's good at it people!
You'll never know :)

I know, sometimes I always mood swing around everybody. One second I get pissed easily and start merajuking here and there, the other second I start laughing hysterically for no apparant reason, then sometimes I become... I don't know, you tell me lah. I feel fine what.

Ehem ehem. Nice la.
I tell you, when we snap this, there's a traffic light ahead, and it was red.
and people were staring >.<

So anyways, your present will be slightly delayed due to unavoided circumstances @_@ I am still giving you anyways. (plus Hafez bugging me bout you not having a party *cough cough*)

Not to mention, a good cook too LOL.
But he ruined my mom's kitchen, so, hmm.

So, I am blogging this (slightly) early, because like everyone knows I love to sleep, and I don't really like onlining late late. later I get too carried away (like now) ahemmm.

Whatever happends to us, we'll be friends forever. I damn sayang you one ok.

Picture of ze year. Waimin sleeping. Erm.

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