Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

not to me. But to my Mom, and other mother's out there, and NOT ME.


So, today was quite boring. I'm hoping for time to move quickly as possible. Dinner.

Oh noes. school tomorrow! Turn back time please T_T

Anyways, I was onlining yesterday, talking to an old friend, and it happened to be 12.20a.m (10 May), and the conversation was like this.

10 May 2009 0:17

oh its like ms n fb all lah.
u jgn main lah, not fun pun ;))
btw happy mother's day hehe

So, I was like, eh apahal ni. What mother's day?

10 May 2009 0:23

hahah hows ur childrens??
HAHAHAHA i just gave my mum a kiss.
she tolak2 me HAHAHA


That was one.

And recently, just now, I was talking to Andiana Andy the Singapore Andy, and it went like this.
| Noobidence | Maddy | Character Is Destiny. says:

Ellephant says:

| Noobidence | Maddy | Character Is Destiny. says:
*Howw is this sweet little one?

Ellephant says:
*LOL. great
*hows u?
*today is mother's dayy
| Noobidence | Maddy | Character Is Destiny. says
*Cool Very nice
*Happy mother's day Elle

*u were pregnant before.. i hope the
*child is growing up well

What the heck.... HHAHAHA. Oh well. Seems like today
is going to be a good day.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers :)

Love your mummy everyday. LOL.

in Bangkok's KLIA. LMAO.
happier times :)

Updatezzz : Happy Birthday to an old friend, Baby! I don't know why his name is Baby, but it's like that. nama manja konon. pfftzz. He won't be reading this, but still, Happy Birthday :)

p/s : Happy Mother's Day to my another Mother, Yeow Ji Mi. Thank you for negleting us, love you mummy :)

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