Monday, July 6, 2009

Breaking news : Elle is going to DIE.

Touch Wood.

Whaaaa, happy la hor?

Anyways, today I went home a little bit earlier, due to the utmost painful stomach pain ever. No no, it wasn't period pain. if it was, I'd have took two panadols early morning, and taddaaaa. No pain!

But I think this time, someone was trying to poison me! Ok kidding.

But seriously -_- it was so pain I can barely stand up properly. I went home, quickly ate lunch and I went to take a dump. after that, I lied down on the sofa watching tv, nearly dozed off. Until I decided to go on facebook and tell the whole world about my tummy ache. And I was halfway talking to my neighbour, I needa go take a dump again. TWICE. after that I was back to normal. Phew.

Wonder what I ate. Only a few know, so Shhh :P

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