Saturday, July 11, 2009


Boo hoo. I tell you yesterday was a funny day.

I was tlaking to Mei on MSN, and she asked me out with her and Dinnish for a movie. I thought, hey why not? But the fishy thing is, when I asked her what movie, she went blank. But it didn't gave me a clue that Mei would me lying on me. Some husband. (Keep reading)

And then I was talking to Chocolate Boy on MSN, and he asked me whether I'm going out tomorrow (today).

Funny! Mei just asked me out.

So he went on telling me he was going out with Chan (vincent) and Dinnish.

WEIH? More funny. I thought Dinnish was suppose to go out with Mei and I?

So I asked mei whether Chan was following, but she said NO!

And I went blur and told Mei what ever CB said.

Suddenly, I was invited into a conversation, where Chan, Mei and CB was in. Chan and Mei went

"Oooh, our plan dieded. Thanks to CB."

"It's not my fault!! Blame CB."

Obviously I went, what plan what plan?

So, turns out that Mei, Chan and Dinnish had all this planned out. I was suppose to know that I'm going out with Mei and Dinnish - only. And CB was suppose to know that he's going out with Chan and Dinnish -only.

So, Mei, Dinnish and I were suppose to be at the movies, and the two other guys would "accidentally" bump into us. Oh, and we happen to be watching the same movie, same room, what else? LOL.

But anyways, thanks to CB, their plan FAILED. Wheeeeeeeee.

Thank you guys, but seriously, theres no need to set us up! LOL. Funny you people.

by the way, they planned the whole thing, in the end all tak jadi. LOL.


and to Muffin man and Nick, I pwomiseeeee! I'd take you guys out, hahaha.

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