Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pupu: Finally


YES! The new layout's done! Took me hours n hours n hours to get it done!

Exam's over!
Results..Oh the horror.

Anyway, hope u guys like the layout
Seriously, took me like dem long to finish so @_@
I came home from school today and terus start doing the layout ♥

I hope Elle likes it too :)

Notice the searc bar on top?
It's avaible for u to search our posts. Not googling LOL.
I really like the flower ;P
Genuis of me to use it as search button HEH!.

Skipping school tomorrow.

Pipi's trial's coming soon. Wish her the best of luck muahhh!
While my camp had been moved to
12th,13th and 14th of August.
Anyone know when's the Holiday?

I can't wait!!
Seriously, Must go.OUT.
I wanna Ice-Skate :)

the cube of rubiks is addictive.
Gotta improve my finger movements. :p
And also currently,
trying to make new patterns.

Signing off~!


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