Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm sort of back.

Hello everyone. I've been absent for long; hence, MJ's blogpost spams. LOL. And incase you haven't notice the awsome fact that Pupu edited the whole blog layout, and all I did was commented on stuff and sleep almost the whole day.

Let me go through one by one. I wasn't feeling well since the first day of exam, which was on Tuesday. My mother passed down her sore-itchy-and-pain throat to me, and hell I was feeling soooo depressed about it. The day before, I had an epic flu, which made me sneeze until I cry, and I nearly used half a box of tissue on blowing my nose. I guess the flu part was passed down by Wai Min. Oh, even while halfway doing Geography, I was in desperate need for tissue. Since I can't scream out loud I wanted a tissue, I had to ask the teacher, sadly she didnt. So, I had to rush to the loo and Um.. well, I'll keep whatever I did to myself :-P

But I'm feeling slightly better now, since I'm on pink Antibiotics and panadols.

Exams exams. The first second days was not that bad. Good actually. But the last day, which wuz today, I guess it pretty sucked since I didn't manage to study (wasn't feeling well, duh). But at the end of the day, everything turned out well. But I miss my original seating position. I'm sitting at the most front, and worst, my table is exactly in front of the teacher's table! How horrible is that? Uggh.

But anyways, to celebrate the end up UP2, Waimin, Christer, Stanley and I are going to Old Town, Ampang tomorrow. Yay.


So, the reason for my lack of updates is because well, I have nothing much to talk about. If I did, I'd be bitching about people, bombing them and stuffs, which actually bores people already. No topic to talk about too.

But I've written so many post, only I didn't publish it. Because I didn't feel like writing it out since I have most of the school people reading ze blog. Not nais lah if I keep bitching about people kan kan kan? :-)

And everyone, say something nice about MJ's hard work and sweat for the awzum layout. She deserves it after one whole day doing it. hehehe what a way to end the exams lah, Mei? But very nais (y)


Joke of the day.

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