Friday, July 31, 2009

Pupu: I woke up and........


I feel like peeing. xD
and again, I'm lazy to move my butt out of the room.
Typical friday, Should I go to the gym like every other fridays or should I jog around B.A
and still I miss McD.
The taste of awesome french fries,
Hot Hot fresh fries
When u bite~ it's like chrispy yet soft mmmmmmmmmmmm
the taste of fresh potato!!

awesome food are fattening.

Pipi's in school.
While I'm lazying around here.
She's going OldTown later.
again. Awesome Foooooood!
Homaigod the Toast with awesome butter that melts in your mouth

PC fair today,
You know what, I've never been to any before,
Only heard of it and My bro is the only one who goes to PC fair all the time heh.
Apparently he's in US.
and It was his birthday yesterday.

When I wished him
Me: Happy Birthday!!
Him: What you want?

Dey...I'm just wishing you happy birthday what TT
Don't have to be so mean. Huhu


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