Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pupu: A god damned long post.

I'm Going to start with Mini Photoshop first.
There was this time I was watching multiple videos of Bella being transformed into a Vampire.
So I decided to Do one Myself.

Next Up would Be Science Gallery.
For those who went into the Gallery before,
Please don't be disappointed when we rearrange it,
As we are the first batch to take everything out and cleaning it like that.
I guess we want change.
I'm kinda regretting the fact I volunteered to help,
It occupied so much of my time.
But again, at the bright side I can't wait to look at the Completed Science Gallery
Things should be faster by now, As the ramadhan month is over.
The Muslims should be able to help out

photos for kerja amal.
PandoraSaga is my new Drug
Though, I must say WoW is way Funner
I guess im Addicted to Pandora is because of the people there,
they are friendly.
and Yes it's addctive.

Famous Nutty, Didnt touch me. LOL
Darklord. (y)
I went back .
2 days 1 night
It felt like a week.
Im serious. Don't ask why I hate that place.

Current Fav Drink. Green tea latte.
Sipeh cute dog.

Two Tiger Prawns and 1 lobster. Yums.

Strawberry Shake. Super nais



-I miss Someone.-


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