Monday, September 14, 2009

Unutterable II.

(this post is going to be FILLED with Rojak language. Tired and sleepy. Here you go).

Afiq : Ha, balik nanti sure pergi blog.
Me : Malas lah. I don't really update [here] anymore.
Afiq : Update lah. Balik-balik post 666 [previous post] je.

So.. For the sake of updating, and, or wishing my sister a late Happy Birthday Post [virtually], here you go.

Chronology of what happened. Mind you, this is going to be a lem "What I did today" post. =))

Firstly, I suffered a whole long tedious hours in the hall, doing absolutely nothing but annoy and irritate my friends. I started making boats/ship or sampan [which ever that makes you happy], and pretend like it's floating on water.

The rest of the time, I was laughing at past stuff. Bawang Busuk, Sexy, Nothing. Inside jokes. You'll never get it. Only Demi does ;) I started singing Air Supply, Edwin McCain, and our [Dem and I] all time favourite, The Beatle's Yellow Submarine.

Yes. I am THAT bored.

Until.. at 11am, I received a text message. The text was from Mei Yean (which happens to be my sister's college BFF), and she was asking what time I'm finishing school, then she can come pick me up, since she's sending Denise home. I quickly stood up, shriek in gleefulness upon reading the eye-opener text message. Literally! This also made me realize how I often hang out with college people, more than high school people.. or people around my age. No, not that I am bragging about this. But, being with College people = No Curfew = coming home late = fun.

In case you don't know me that well, I sort of despise having to sit at home everyday.

Moving on.. I kinda like my sister's friends. College friends, I mean. Miraculously, I've never said that before. Maybe because I'm lack of social circles in school, therefore, I socialize more out from school *big grin*

Moving on.., again.

I got home, showered, did my hair and face, and taddaaaa. Afiq, Julian and Kent was already downstairs, at the car park.



To be continued. Penat laaaaaaaa..

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