Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My social life

is officially GONE.

I miss my friends T__________T

I realized I keep saying that, and I hardly tell them to my friends though I miss them like fatboy wants chocolate because I don't want to sound like I syok on my own missing them so much padahal they have their own lives n other *better* friends to care and miss. *sob

But anyways.. I got my vest today which is omfg big. Size L sial.

it makes me look like nothing but a stick with a large cape on it /wtf

And work's been nothing but tediousness. I can actually sleep while wiping the cutleries.. or even sleepwalk.

Not many interesting customers nowadays. or am I just losing interest in everything.

And I think I spend more than what I am going to earn wtf

But nevermind.

First week of Dec, I am gone. No wait.. maybe end of November kot. Because on 30th, 1st and second I is going to Melaka for some family holi-trip.

Auntie from Perak wants to go to some errrr.. lagoon? Idk.

Oh well. *massages own shoulder


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