Wednesday, November 4, 2009


is ♥.

I've been there thrice since I started working, and I think some of the people there can recognize me.

Because when I ordered my usuals, I added an extra chicken nuggets today, and the dude went like..

"Eh, you working in Johnny's?"


"I see. How old are you, and how is the pay?"

"16 *cough* and it's pretty good, thanks :)"

"I see. Miss, since you always order here, nanti I give you our free voucher for bla bla *mumbles*"

Too hungry to listen. hehehee.

So okay, halfway eating, SURE got these people from some random college suddenly sit infront of me and start yapping about helping orphanage and bulls.

I mean, I do pity the orphans, but I pity the people who actually gives these random people money for the so called helping or fundraising the orphanage.

And while she's blabbing to me about it, I just munch on my Shrimp Supreme until one of the workers @ Wendy's eventually shoo away that random person.

She wuz like, "Miss, berapa kali I dah nak bagi tau you. Tolong lah jangan buat benda lagi susah. Banyak kali dah I bagi tau you."

Den the random person just left.

Last week, two dudes from UCSI came yapping to me about the same thing. -_______________-

Seeing the way these people dress up, you can obviously know it's fake.

That dude has tattoos stampered all over his arm, piercings on his ears, wearing skinny jeans with some oversized basketball shoes (I seriously don't know why people like wearing basketball shoes for outing. I mean no offense.. but shouldn't you wear it while you're in the game? And I find it weird seeing people with jeans and nice tops but when you look at their feet.. they're wearing some sport shoes. Gawd the ugliness). Oh oh, and he wuz wearing those rempit-sling-bags. Zomg, seriously without even thinking once, I wouldn't even donate a buck to him. Or them.

Oh oh, and Tuesday I think.. Or last week.

I was walking to TS.. Suddenly this dude, who passes out flyers and such, started touching me!

Not my vital parts (but I guess everywhere IS vital XD). He kept grabbing and tapping my shoulder calling me. I din even looked at his face. I just kept walking and brushed on my shoulder.. the part which he laid his hands on wtf.

To think abt it now, I'd have said this right in front of his face. "Do.Not.Touch.Me.FREAK."

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