Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nah here you go

all the missing updates.

1. Spent my day off with GDO (read : Girls day out) with Pupu.

Our plan was to shop shop shop. Actually it was mine, but hehe. We got bored around 4pm, and we decided we wanna go catch a movie. There's nothing much to watch.. besides New Moon and A Christmas Carol. But both was selling fast. And the seats were waaaay too near to the screen. Wudn't wanna have a stiff-neck later on >.> so we decided to pass.

After that.. I had a brilliant idea. I always do. :P I decided we should go lepak at Ji Mi, our mommy's place. Skipping the boring parts. Manage to get him on the phone, but he was playing squash.

Went to Justin's place instead. His house. Omfg nice. Don't get me started with his brothers. and camera. and his dad. T_______T

Dinnered with Ji Mi and Pupu. Ate banana leaf rice. Whatever that was, but it wuz awzum. I shall go there again next time with an empty tummy. :)


Work yesterday was the best day of my work days I guess. No guess. It IS.

It started off with a super boring day. One of those days where I just hope miracle would happen, I fainted, or just died suddenly (kidding), but mostly waiting for time to pass so I can either go for break or go home.

After break was.. was.. I have no words to describe but I love my job!

I happened to be the doorperson (omfg lucky). I hate hate hate being a doorperson because it's just so boring, and I hate standing like a dong dong outside there. T_T I'd rather set tables and clean them rather than standing outside.

Anyways, back to my interesting work day.

I saw a group of 3 guys, and one of em look so familiar. They were coming towards me (the restaurant la), and I was so omfg sure I knew that person just unsure.

Until I saw Zach, then I immediately went, "Err. Are you Robb?"

Yes peopleeeeeee! I met Robb. The Nuffnang RObb and I was so excited!

He gave me a weird look like the who-the-heck-are-you-and-how-you-know-me-look. And I told him I often read his blog and I click on it like almost everyday. He said something like "Oh it's good to meet one of my readers or something" I was so omfg happy my heart beat so fast, zomg zomg zomg. Even typing this now I am grinning. I am just so damn happy lor :D

After I showed them to their seats, I went like, "omg this is sooo weird." And he went something like.. "this is even weirder." He took out his cam (same cam as Wai Min's!!), and we started camwhoring (wtf. ok la it was just two pictures so not counted as camwhoring but that word sounds cooler like that! and the first pic turned out blur.) I looked like crap (work) but it's okay because I was still damn omfg excited.

After I took their orders blah blah, I went to my area manager, Mr Daniel and I went like.. "Sir! Sir! OHMYGOD SIR! U cannot believe what just happened!" Somehow he got damn excited also and he went to look over at their table LOL >.<

Zomg Zomg.


Today work was... empty. Saturday is usually filled with people, and most of the time it's always full house. but today... Lunch time was EMPTY. I went to work an hour early, don't ask why, and until the time I punch in, and also after about an hour slacking around, there are like less than 10 customers. Not even 5 tables I think. And from morning til 2pm, we earned like.. Rm100? So sad!

But from 3-6 we started earning more, about Rm2k+. And til dinner, we finally reached RM4k.

After that was just plain boring. I can sleep while standing. zzzzzzz.

Oh wait. I almost forgot.

I took a family of 5's orders today. They were such nice people.

To be honest.. I like taking orders from foreigners.

The ang mohs are the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Arabs gives the best tips.

Locals? Not too much. Most Malays are super nice, friendly and funny. Some are just plain piece or crap you would want to flush them down the toilet bowl.

Chinese? Don't let me get started with Chinese people. Fussy, choosy, picky, annoying, discriminating and judgmental.

Oh oh. The orders I took today for the family were Malays.

The grandfather came to the pantry to pay for their bill. And when he got his balance, he said, "For your excellent service.. Imma give you RM 5 as tips. Whoa. So hard to decline. but I have to, because the pantry dude was staring. And no personal tips allowed. I had to tell him that. So.. he gave RM2 as tips instead. T_T boo who.

but I feel glad! People like my service :D

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