Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I don't know whether I'm suppose to love it - or detest it. Because there are tragic events, and at the same time I had a great time.

But in the mean time..

I just wanna share a little unexpected story which we got ourselves into deep shit and it involves people around us too.

I have nothing to say besides thank you and I am glad to have you people by my side at that time, or else I wouldn't know what I'll do. We'll do.

First of all.. Here's a little warning to people out there who couldn't care less about a little blue card which we call.. an Identity card. I think, saying that word makes me a little bit nausea because the Policeman kept repeating that word. (IC IC IC IC).

Anyway, on our first night there, after having awzum steamboat @ Johnny's, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka, Jerms came to pick us up and he brought us to the Portuguese Settlement to eat seafood.

It isn't the best seafood I've tried, but it tasted really really good. If I were to be hungry at that time.. I'll order each of everything on the menu. XD.

Anyway, it started raining really heavily, and Jerms friend, Kamal, came. So, we just hung out and crapped all night. Little did we knew.. it was 1 am already.

It was getting late, and at the same time it was still raining. So, we just hantam masuk kereta and Kamal droved his car.

Skip the boring parts, while driving back all the way from Melaka Town to the resort slash our home, there was a road block along Ayer Keroh.

Yep. I thought it was just regular seat-belt checks, because back in KL, there are roadblocks at my place which I can say it happens ALL THE TIME.

But hey.. They started to get a little suspicious. They asked for driver's license and ic. And I remembered I didn't bring my purse along because it was big, bulky, and I couldn't fit into the mini handbag I brought.

MJ too.. left her Purse in Justin Choy's place while we were there last week.

So, we were forced out the vehicle, and we were sort of stranded by the road with bunch of policeman. I was literally shaking, confused and scared but I guess I manage to cover up well. ^_^ teeheeeeeee.

So, yeah. I had to call my dad, and it was about 2am in the morning.

Of course, there was a little bit of yelling on the phone. I mean, I felt like I was being detained, but I wasn't. Everything was just messed up.

My mom couldn't find my ic, and I insisted that it was in my big, brown and bulky purse.

It wasn't.

Until I remember I left it in the photostat machine slash printer in my home, back in KL.


I nearly died.

But hey.. My dad settled everything, MJ called her mum which was nicely having her sleep, and her bro had to pick up the urgent call.

And I can assure you we DID not go clubbing, and we will never will. -_-

But anyways..

Before my dad arrived, we were almost bribed. But we didn't. After we left, the guys, Jerms and Kamal nearly did.

Lousy Malaysian policemen I tell you.

But all in all.. whatever happened last night, thanks you guys. If it wasn't for the little blue card, none of this would have happened.

But wanna know what's the most ironic part of all??

My IC was in the white mini handbag I used on that night. >.<


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