Thursday, November 12, 2009

The truth about my job

I think I am starting to hate it more, and I am getting tired-er everyday.

I have about 7 alarms, and it rings every 5-10 minutes. after the 4th, I totally ignored everything and went on sleeping, until I woke up, and to my horror, it was almost 10am! I panicked like hell, I ran out of my room, grabbing my towel and showered.

I left my home just before 10.30.

Oh yeah, I had morning shift today, which means I start at 11.

Thank God the road was freaking clear, I reached there in exactly 10 minutes! Phew.

So, I went there with my bare face and untied hair. I did everything in 10 minutes, and I punched in about 10.50+. heeeee.

But anyways, I didn't had anything for breakfast. I was really really tired and hungry, I couldn't stand up straight.

I was suppose to be the doorperson until I couldn't even concentrate because I was tired, sleepy and hungry. I stood out there like a dying leaf, can you imagine that? gosh.

So Miss Yanie asked Miss Aisyah to be the doorperson instead. :\

After my late lunch was worse. I had a little bit more than I should, and result.. I became sleepier than ever.

You know how it feels like after having a big meal, and feeling sleepy after that? Yeah, I feeling like that.

On top of that, there were hardly any customers also today. I can sleep while serving drinks :\

I think my hunger+tiredness+sleepiness makes people think that I'm getting lazier. D:

I am not! I am very dedicated (not) to my job. At least I really do things wan loh! But I think it's PMS la because I've been getting headaches, nausea, stomach cramps (sure got one), mood swings and all lah. Haih


My shift's in the afternoon tomorrow. But I'm still going to TS early to do some book shopping.

Since I started working, I've been a regular visitor @ Borders. And yea, obviously reading a lot too. That way is free. :D

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