Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was talking to Dinnish until we reached some part about being thankful or something, and he told me to give him an Amen.

Instead, I gave him a Ya Allah, and he said I PHAILED. It was suppose to be Alhamdulillahhh. Har har. How was I suppose to know.

Anyway, not really important la but I had a great laugh about it.

For today's weird customer, I had a table of Sami-s. All the way from Thailand one don't pray pray! Ok no pun intended. Pray wtf.

So, I had to take their orders la, and I had to give them the menus. Like, open it for them and hand it over. it's like some kind of courtesy and essential process of taking menus.

Ok anyway, Before I could even pass it to them, the woman (part of the Sami gang la, but she isn't bald. They're just in the same group) stopped me and she was like, "Eeeeeehh! Cannot cannot, this wan cannot. Just put it here, he will take himself!!" I was like.. "uh, okay then."

So fine. Then they ordered some rice and Steamed Chicken la, when their food's ready, I had to serve them kan. So as usual I'd take the plate and put it in front of them. but then the woman stopped me again! She was like, "ehhhh! Nevermind nevermind. This wan just put here only!" I was like uh okay again. And I was watching the woman and others, they kneeled down, took the food plate and sembah to them the food. My jaw literally dropped, and I was WTH-ing.

And I told Miss Yanie "Miss miss, tengok belakang!! cepatttt."

And she gave a weird look, and say, "Kalau dekat tempat dia takpe lah jugak. Ni kat restoran pun nak macam tu. Adeh."


And I wasn't allowed to touch anything when serving them. Something like tak suci ke apa lah I don't know.

But I am clean one lor! Sanitize. :)


Got screwed by my boss today because I asked her to release me early to lepak with friends. intially it was just Justin and Brandon (kot) and their friends la and they ditched him!! Pfft.

So it was just Justin.

Fun lah, but now penat kot.

Afternoon shift tomorrow! :)

But the bad thing abt afternoon shifts is.. I habis at 10. :( which means I'll be reaching home at... 11? Die T_T

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