Monday, December 7, 2009

Red eye

Nah. This is for Nick Lim. I hope this blog post will entertain your dark, gloomy and lonely nights. XDD. And when I'm not there to talk to you on msn. he he he.


While I wuz at work today..

The restaurant was almost full house. Weekend, and it's holi. So, ya. Very the full until I felt like dying in the restaurant.

So so so so, I took many orders today, and all of the customers stared at me differently.

Ye la. I takut I perasan kan. Mana tau they stare because I'm cute ke.. or I have a hugeass zit on my face.

But I just pretended like nobody was looking la, to avoid confusion, misunderstandings and syok sendiri. He he.

After a while, I had an urgent need to pee so badly! So, I rushed to the toilet.

After I did my business, I went to wash my hands *CLEAN AS U GO!* and I looked at myself in the mirror.

I shrieked and said OHMYGOD out loud.

Nope.. there was no hugeass zit on my face.

But to my horror.. My left eye was bloody red.

Like, really red. And it was just my left eye tau! My right eye was perfectly fine.

I took 8 minutes walking to the toilet, peeing and omaigawding, and I had to rush back to the restaurant.

And when I took more orders, theres this customer which gave me the weirdest look ever.

Me : I know. It's my eye isn't it.

Customer (C) : Oh, *laughs* What happened? What have you been LOOKING at?

M : Oh God. Look around you. This, is what I've been staring at for the past 7 hours.

C : *laughs out loud* Pity you!

M : Ouch. But thanks. Hehe.


My eye is fine now.

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