Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hello peeps! Sorry for not updating AT ALL.

Lawl. Been "busy" these few days.

Anyways, since I'm in Pupu's house now! Sleepovah. Girls night. =P So.. I might just update the blog with whatever we've been up to recently.. since ALL of the pictures are with her.

Like.. ALL. Lol

Here goes.

(oh btw, she's using Chrome. So, all pics are not in chronological order.) :D

1. Attended Thasha's sweet 16. It was awesome la!
(See, we put urs first tau. LOL)

2. Went to Melaka together. It was.. EPIC.
(Pupu says No comment.) LOL

3. Did a before and after photo. This is After make up.

4. Hung out at Pupu's place after work. Awesome time with the two J's. :D

5. GDO with Pupu.

There's more la.. I think. But.. at least u get to know what we've been up to for the past.. month.


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