Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blog ressurection/outing

Since the arrival of Momo, I've been constantly updating, and ALL of the updates recently are filled with pictures.

Are you readers happy? Really? Happy? Satisfied?

Before this, most (almost like all) of the posts are filled with anger and infuriating contents which probably makes you sick of entering this blog. I guess it's safe to say that all that are past, and there should be more updates with LESS rants. Lol. We'll just see alright. :):)



Outfit for today ;
  • Grey tank top from Pull and Bear
  • Blue dress from MJ's closet
  • Green Crocs heels which didn't match my dress, but who cares. :P
  • Mini white sling bag bought in Times Square
  • Momo ♥

Hi everyone~ Meet Foo Tun Hong.
The Great. But not so Great afterall when it comes to solving the Rubiks.

I am.. The Awesome. ;D He's our driver for today!

The picture says a thousand words.

Does this picture look familiar to you?
(And yes, we ate @ Johnny's! Free meal. Love me. :P)

Best part is, I did not ask Tun Hong to pose! LOL.
How natural~

Okay moving on....

After makan, while waiting for Tun Hong to pee pee, I went to look for heels.
Saw a nice pair but it cost me RM60 =( Save money.
So.. Took pictures instead.

Nobody had a clue what happened to this photo.
But I think he looks super cute here. :D

Yeh yeh. After rounds of walking around, Masuk toilet to pan leng leng.
We're girls! What do you expect. T_T

Wandering around the shuddering 6th floor.
It used to be a place not for the faint-hearted.

Buy me this and I'll say yes!
(if you get what I mean. =P)

I love the mirrors here. ♥

On the way back.

We got lost, really. I missed the turn, I was suppose to be the living GPS. But I successfully PHAILED. Sorry Tun Hong. I guess next time, you either gotta learn the KL Road, buy a GPS, or... get lost, AGAIN. :P

Lesson learnt : Do not camwhore in the car when you're suppose to direct the way. Pay attention!

Got home, and it was raining! And I took a photo of Pupu's new belly ring! ♥

Thanks Tun Hong for the rides ;)

I can has marshmallow~


If you're wondering,

total damage done : 243.

Still not a new record. =(

Overall, I had a great time today. I guess it's shown in all of the pictures.

Oh yes, we watched Love Happens (finally!)

it was good! Pupu and I nearly got all teared up at the last part.

it wasn't that boring afterall. Idk about the guys though.


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