Monday, December 21, 2009

Meet Momo/Sam

Ho ho ho. X-mas is around the corner, and result's on eve. Awesome eh?

I'm glad, I'm not around during X-mas and result day.

And DO NOT text or call or even bother for a second to inform me about my result (if you know what I got la). Because it'll totally ruin my holiday. If you do tell me.. Don't be pissed or shocked if I actually curse at you (LA LA LA)

Ok anyway.. The day has come. =D

I brought Momo/Sam home, and it is the greatest thing ever!

I was suppose to post this yesterday, but Momo/Sam needed it's essential 8 hour pan leng leng. ok no. Sleep. hehe x)

Okay, let's not further bore you with my.. my... typings.


First picture taken by Momo/Sam. This was in the shop :)

Steamboat @ Johnny's for lunch.
Afiq joined us too.



7.00 a.m.

The minute I got up from my golden slumbers, tired as hell, sleepy as hell, I forced myself off the bed and take off the battery.

Plugged it in...

This was the first thing I did.

Ignore my pale face! I just got up! Lol.

Everybody, say hello to Momo/Sam! :D Started taking more pictures, and I went to shower after that. I was surprised to see how VERY clear the pictures turn out.


Arrived Pupu's house.

The first thing we did was.. Talk a little, then we went back to sleep.

We woke up 7 hours later, it was 3.30pm. We.Were.Shocked.

Before Aunty Carol left to China. She literally sticked many notes around the house. Funny, but cute! Click the picture above to see what Aunty Carol had written for "Jesmyn Dear". LOL!

Pupu's brother's cam. :D
We were like, " I take your picture, you take mine." *keningkening

Pupu : *Takes bro's cam and run away* ELLE! COME HERE THE LIGHTING SO NICE
Me : *takes Momo and start camwhoring. LOL

Houses! and the Sky <3

Pimples >_<



Total damage done : 192. LOL

Not a new record T_T

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