Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ok la I think nowadays we NEVER post pictures at all! Excluding the previous posts which I included pictures in. I happened to be in my uttermost jubilation and getting all frenzied looking at TONS of photos in Pupu's computer. Like, yeah. Our photos since ages ago! I was literally astonished because those pictures were waaaaay back in 2007! And I don't even have them kept anywhere! LOL.

But hmm. Recently, I was at her place, you know, sleepovers and stuff. We did a lot of amazing things. Girly stuff. Not really, but yeah.

First day, I arrived early there as usual. Daddy would send me there super early in the morning, and it disturbed her golden slumber. Sorry x)

So.. as she was attempting to continue her sleep, I just had to cut it off by watching Hannah Montana The Movie! OMGEE I actually feel embarrassed typing that out.

But frankly, I do not like Miley Cyrus at all! I just had the feeling of watching it. I am, afterall still 15. T_T

I can't remember what happened after.

I think we went out.

yeah, we did. Mommy MJ dropped us at KLCC, and from there, we started our escapade. :D

We didn't take much pictures though. Filled with walking, talking and laughing. And rain!

Oh yeeeeeees. While we were in Times Square, heading back to Pavilion, we bumped into Nick and Kevin! And they decided to tag along with us, but they left before our movie startedddd. Bye bye Nicky boy! Oh.. and Kevin! Soweee No pictures. XD

Jeans wet because of EPIC RAIN. I hate the RAIN NAO FML.

Legs dry after movie! Hallelujah. Outfit the other day :

  • Yellow top borrow from MJ
  • Levi's Jeans :D
  • Croc's awzum, comfortable heels
  • Fake Kipling bag. Lol!

Saw a super siao auntie showing her kids how to pose.
Ok la I think it's mean of me to post this picture but it's very the funny okay =.=

I have her happy face! But I think she'd kill me la if I posted that picture of her. nemai, I'll just keep it for my own entertainment! HAHA kidding <3

Credits to LTW for this picture. XD And soweee again. her face kena cut T_T

Oh yes!

We watched Princess and the Frog! It was awesome, and worth our time sitting in the cinema freezing our asses off. If you didn't know, we had to walk from Lot 10, all the way to Pavilion. Does that sounds near? yeah it is. but it feels so freaking far when rain poured cats and dogs and watermelons!

Hence...... we were wet. Ok literally wet -.-

After that, we witnessed Pavilion snowing foams!

After hours of anticipating, our anticipation finally emancipated once Pavilion started snowing foams!
Oh, Soweeee. Forgot to rotate.

It was an awesome sight. Although.. Everyone got crammed like tin sardine. Everyone.. as in.. Everyone wanted to get a picture with the tree, the foams, the mall, yeah you practically get the picture already.

But it was fun though, nonetheless!

When we got home, we went on a movie marathon again. Watched two and a half movie in a night. Why half? We didn't manage to watch the 3rd movie in full, because it was getting late, and we were dozing off already.


First movie was Dorm II. Some Thai movie.

The dude who sold us the DVD said it's scary! Yesssss. MJ, Christy and I are horror freaks. but the title leans towards Christy and I more. Because we are brave like that. =P Just kidding.

Instead of Dorm II turning out scary, it turned out sad! And touching T_T

Once again, we got cheated by the man who sold us DVD T_T

After that, we watched Paranormal Activity.

I doubted the man-who-sold-us-the-dvd at first. Because we, at all, do not trust American horror. They suck. Yep! So people out there, if you have freakin horror movies which made you piss in your pants, recommend it to us!

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