Friday, December 25, 2009

Perak Day 1

Ok people. Let's start off with PMR results kay?

First of all, please stop asking me what's my result. if u haven't know already, I DID NOT take my result -.- Where have you people been? Not reading this blog? sheesh.

But I can assure you, I did not get straight A's. Not that I am happy or jubilated over it. Instead, I am depressed. yadda yadda.

Anyways, I'm in Perak now, celebrating xmas with my loved ones. And when I say loved ones, yes! It does include my poor husband too. Not literally poor.. But you get it la! Lol.

So.. The day started off great! Pupu sleptover at my place, and my room got turned totally upside down! You know us girls la. Makeup one side, bags, clothes all one side, the rest are junks.. Junks and more junks.

Oh wait wait (man, I feel like I have ADD -.-) before that, I wanna wish everyone Merry Christmas!

Okay moving on..

The day started off with Pupu and I wanting to go to Ampang Point. Mother was lazy to drive out, and we didn't want to disturb her. We needed other alternatives. We have Denise instead to drive us out (I still doubt her driving.. but... who else do we have. LOL)

Pupu wanted to buy a new charger, and I just.. wanted to buy some dvd to watch while in the car.

we took quite a long time, so, driver started camwhoring. :D

Journey started at 7pm, and by 8pm, we we're already @ Sungai Buloh for dinner.

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri! I think it's the best Sate I've tasted so far~

Yummy <3 after hours of sitting in the car, and yes, our asses were hurting like hell. I can feel my ass getting flatter each minute. :(

We reached my aunt's place around midnight, and I nearly kissed the ground once I stepped out of the car! It was such a relieffffffffff.. After that we did NOTHING besides sitting, talking and taking peektures. I slept earlier though due to tiredness and sleepi.

Hi everyone ~ Say hello to Pupu / Ho Mei. XD

Cousin Leanne and yours truly. :)

Leanne and presents.

She seems fascinated by my braces. :P

Hi everyone~ Meet Nick/Nicholas/Nikolai. Teeheeee.
Isn't he just the adorablest thing ever? :)
Oh Gosh.. So banyak Nicks around, Pu Den and I always get confused with which Nick -.-

Last picture for Day 1!

Stay tuned for Day 2. :)

p/s : thank you for cheering me up today, and making me smile. :D Nah, since we kenot webcam *sob*, I give you this post. =D At least it has my picture in it! :)

p/p/s : Don't expect any pics from momo to be uploaded on Facebook. I can see how Justin Choy suffered while uploading each pics

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