Saturday, December 26, 2009

Perak day 2

Hi everibodi~ I is back with Perak Day 2 post.

It's just 1.30am now and I cannot stop yawning. T_T Oh noooooes.

Pupu beside me is very engrossed with her drawing. Denise is.. is.. reading about some homophobic disease book which my uncle has. ok kidding >_< Medic stuff. BOOOOORING.

So okay, day 2 was a little bit better I think. We didn't do much in day 2 besides sitting, talking, eating, sitting, more sitting, and um.. playing with the kids. OH OH I just remembered!! We opened presents (earlier. LOLOL)

I guess the kids are now vastly opening up themselves to Pupu.

Last time they were so shy tau. Ask them to say hello also need to sorok bawah baju and then run away >_< *smacks head*

Picture time!!! I know everyone loves my pictures. LARLARLAR

I'm not a word person T___T

*yawn... waiting for peeeektures to upload nao. I shall go read FMLs while waiting :\*

*yawn summore.. page 9 and peektures still not done! apa terjadi niiiii :(*


Day 2 escapade started off with this. A dental checkup by my auntie. =) Spot me! Bottom right :D Oh oh, that's through the cctv by the way. The minute Denise saw me in it, she quickly brought Momo down and the next thing you know, pictures everywhere!!

That's me! And Nick Lim would kill for my spot above! LOLOL.

Spot my name :D

After our checkups, we just sat in the room, lie down and talk.. talk.. peeektures..

this was what I did most of the time. If I'm not on the floor, I'm on the bed. Lawl.

after hours of doing absolutely NOTHING, we got changed, pan leng leng, and got ready for xmas dinner! Oh oh, this picture ah. Nobody wanted to sit with Leanne. So, I went to sit with her. :D see her face a bit emo.

How can you not love them despite the fact that they're annoying, loud and noisy? You haven't heard them scream. You have to be there to experience the pain and vibration in your ear. it goes all the way to your brain!
I <3 Nick. he's sosososos cute!

after presents n all, we went back to the room, the kids offed the lights and left us all in sheer darkness. They started molesting and grabbing us everywhere. Oh oh, this picture ah, guess what! They were wearing skirts, and when they play, jump around, YEAH we could see their undies. =P So we teased them and said they all tak malu.

They countered us back by wanting to see our undies n bra colour -_- KIDS I TELL YOU. THEY LEARN A LOT.

When we teased them, they literally pulled out shorts n tops to peek at what colour we're wearing! NASTY. LOLOLOLOLOL. And hor, suddenly out of the blue, they started flashing their undies at us!! NASTY AGAIN. LOLOL I laughed until I lost my voice -_- Kids. Annoying, but fun. :P

my xmas present? i got a Jenga.
Errrr.. I actually picked this out on my own, because.. I didn't know what I want. So, I was shopping with my Momma and I just got that for myself. And then Mummy told me to make that as my xmas gift. Lol.Doesn't matter. :P The reason why I wanted it in the first place was for fun anyway.


Rest of the night? Well, I just continued my texting routine.. and errrr, updated blog and ended up sleeping at 5.30am. MJ and I kept switching places. Laptop and psp. Yes! We were THAT desperate I tell you!


Stay tuned for day 3! There's an interesting story to be shared. :D


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